China: Lockdown Near Beijing After Small Rise In Coronavirus Cases

A security officer wearing protective gear guards an entrance to a residential area under lockdown due to a fresh outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Beijing, in the city's Fengtai district on June 18, 2020. - A fresh coronavirus outbreak in Beijing has hampered the Chinese capital's hesitant return to normality, rekindling fears for the economy as some businesses grind to a halt and consumers stay away. (Photo by NOEL CELIS / AFP)

China has announced a lockdown near Beijing after a small rise in coronavirus cases. The restrictions are for the Anxin county in Hebei province.

China is the place where the first cases were reported last year. The country was among the highest when it came to cases but that changed weeks later. The amount of cases have been low in most parts of China. Health authorities don’t want to take any risks so they are announcing measures to avoid the situation from getting out of control.

The first wave killed thousands and while the number of cases now is low when compared to the numbers earlier this year, the country has decided to introduce a lockdown for that area.

On Sunday, officials announced that the county would be enclosed and controlled. The measures are some of the ones seen in other countries. Only essential workers are allowed to be out while one member of a household is allowed to shop for necessities. The member of the household can only go shopping once a day.

Chinese media report that there have been 18 cases in the county since the beginning of the increase two weeks ago. The 18 cases are very low when compared to other countries but health authorities are doing everything they can to prevent a second wave from happening.

The fears of a second wave have increased after 14 new cases in Beijing. All of those cases were confirmed in one day. Several parts of Beijing are reportedly under restrictions as well. In some areas, travel is limited while in others health authorities have focused on doing more testing.

The restrictions also come as the number of people to die from the virus passed half a million. The number of confirmed cases is now at 10.1 million, with more than half of them already recovered.

China once sat at the top of the list for most cases but the US is currently first with 2.59 million confirmed cases and over 128,000 deaths. Close to 790,000 people have recovered from the virus.

Second on the list is Brazil, which went from having a few cases earlier this year to the top five in a few weeks. The South American country now has over 1.3 million cases with 57,658 deaths.

Brazil is one of three South American countries in the top ten. Peru and Chile have over 270,000 cases each. Russia is third on the list of most cases with 634,437 confirmed cases.

Countries that once were in the top three such as Spain and Italy have seen a drop in cases over the last few weeks. The countries have eased some restrictions in the last few days, even resuming their soccer leagues. The matches of La Liga and Serie A are being held without spectators.

Other countries are still being cautious, keeping their measures as the drop in cases continues. But in some places, the lockdowns and restrictions have been brought back after a rise. The county in China is one of several places around the world that now have restrictions again.