Motorola Razr 2 Now Coming Next Year, Report Says

The Motorola Razr is less than six months old but rumors of a second version have been around since pretty much its debut. The next version of the foldable phone was rumored to be coming some time this year but a new report says that will now happen next year.

Analyst Ross Young thinks the company has delayed the launch of the device. The delay is said to be over the situation with the coronavirus. The deadly virus has brought all kinds of problems to the world, including an interruption to the tech industry since many people are now working at home or not working at all.

Nothing has been confirmed on the release of the Motorola Razr 2 but it wouldn’t be surprising to see something like that happen since companies have been forced to push back releases and tech events.

The delay could be bad news for the next version of the Razr. Its main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, is expected to get an upgrade some time in August or after that. Samsung is also expected to launch a second version of its Galaxy Fold phone.

The Galaxy Z Flip was released right around the same time as the Motorola Razr. Motorola’s device made some noise early on due to it being the return of the super popular Razr series. The new release of the Razr series came nearly 15 years after the big launch of the Razr, which went on to sell very well for the company due to its impressive design and features.

The Motorola Razr and Galaxy Z Flip were the first foldable phones with a clamshell design. But reviewers immediately began having questions about the Motorola Razr, which arrived with some specs that weren’t as impressive as the Galaxy Z Flip.

The Motorola Razr does not have the latest processor and features. The Galaxy Z Flip did have some of the latest technology, making the device the best option for some reviewers and customers. The worst part is that the Razr debuted at a price of $1,499 while Samsung’s device entered the market at $1,380.

The Motorola Razr was recently available on Motorola’s official website for $999. This is not good news for the phone since it was released earlier this year and it was just being offered for a third off.

The Motorola Razr 2 is rumored to have some improvements to match its competition. Recent reports have said that the phone will match the display of the Galaxy Z Flip. But now that the phone is said to be coming next year, it could put the company behind Samsung once again.

The Motorola Razr 2 might match the Galaxy Z Flip in some specs and features. But if the report is accurate, the phone will be out way after the Galaxy Z Flip 2 has debuted. Reports have also pointed to a later release for the Galaxy Z Flip but there has been nothing to indicate that the phone will not be available before the end of the year.