Respawn Devs Confirm More Information Just Days Before Major Update

Respawn Entertainment devs have dropped a bit of more information for the update that will come in less than two days. The latest piece of information comes after a Twitter user tweeted at design director Jason McCord. The user asked if a buff for Octane is coming on Tuesday and the design director responded to the tweet by saying that he will be getting some love on Tuesday.

Octane was added back in Season 2 but he is considered a bit underpowered when compared to the rest of the Legends lineup. In recent weeks, Respawn Entertainment has made several adjustments to its Legends. For Season 5, Mirage saw a number of changes. Other Legends saw a number of changes but he got the biggest adjustments.

EA Play 2020 Event Last Week

The tweet does not give any details on what will be added or changed for Octane. We simply know that there will be something for him on Tuesday. He won’t be the only one seeing some sort of change. The latest event trailer appeared to show a few other abilities that aren’t currently available for Lifeline.

Last week, EA held its EA Play event and Respawn was part of it. The game developer hinted that there would be huge news and it didn’t disappoint. Among the announcements is the addition of crossplay, which will be coming for all its platforms later this year. The feature had been requested since the game’s release and this will for sure make some people very happy since they will be able to play with friends that play in different platforms. The feature might also reduce the waiting times for the Ranked matches.

Nintendo Switch Is Getting Apex Legends

Apex Legends will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall. It is unclear how the crossplay feature will work between the platforms but the Switch is one of the systems that will be part of it. The game will also be available on Steam after being part of Origin since its debut in February 2019.

One of the most anticipated announcements was for the new event. Rumors were pointing to a new event for Crypto and a trailer at EA Play confirmed just that. The trailer shows a new in-game location for the Legend and a number of cosmetics, including new skins for Wraith and Revenant.

Update Is Coming This Tuesday

The trailer also seemed to show a small preview of Mirage’s heirloom. The heirloom is seen for a second but it was enough to give players an idea on what’s coming for the event. In the past, heirlooms have been available after obtaining the 24 exclusive items of the event. This means players have to purchase the exclusive Apex Packs in order to unlock the 24 cosmetics and receive the heirloom.

Apex Legends will be releasing the update on Tuesday, just like it usually does with the launch of a new season or event. We’ll keep you updated on the battle royale game, which is currently in Season 5.