Tuesday, March 21, 2023

YouTube Error NP-37602-8 On PS4: A Quick Workaround

If you use your PS4 for more than just playing video games, you have probably noticed that there is something wrong with the YouTube app. The video app works just fine when opening it on the console but users who often go on it will notice something different.

YouTube users on PS4 are seeing an error that doesn’t allow them to log in. Reports on the error began a few days ago. You have probably noticed that the video app logged you out for no reason. But when attempting to Sign In the system will give you an error code and keep you from going on your account. The console is supposed to send you to the Google sign in page so you can enter your email and password.

What’s Causing It?

It is not yet known why the console and video app are having issues when logging in. Push Square believes there is some sort of communication issue between the system and YouTube.

Last night, I checked the app and it seemed to have the issue still, which means Sony is still working on a fix.

Different Suggestions and Content

If you use YouTube on the PS4 often, you probably noticed that the frontpage of your YouTube app is very different. The video app often recommends content that you would probably like. But if the service has logged you out, you probably have a number of videos on the frontpage that you have never seen or are not related to the people you are subscribed to.

In my case, I opened the app and noticed that there were a number of food/cooking videos and content from YouTubers from other parts of the world. I have discovered a number of cool YouTube channels this way but all the recommendations and new uploads from the people I’m subscribed to are not there. This means you’re probably going to have to use the search bar to find the channels you like and the videos that they have recently uploaded. There is no search history as well, which means you can’t use that to go back and make quick searches for your favorite videos or content you didn’t finish watching before the error started happening.

Quick Workaround

There isn’t a complete way to solve the problem right now but there is a workaround if you want to use the service through your TV. If you are logged out from YouTube on PS4, you still have a couple of options.

You first need to have a smartphone linked to the YouTube account. Go to the menu found on YouTube for PS4 and click settings. Find the section Link TV & Phone. The section will give you two options, Link With Wi-Fi and Link With TV.

Both options give you instructions on how to activate and use. The two are really the only temporary solutions on the issue. PlayStation hasn’t said when a fix will be available for the app but they’re likely looking at it now.

Do you use YouTube on PS4? Let us know in the comments.


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