Konami Announces It Will Not Be Renewing Licensing Agreements For Inter or AC Milan

Konami has revealed that it will not be renewing licensing agreements for AC Milan or Inter Milan. The two Italian clubs will still be in the latest release of the PES series but they will probably be different when the new release of the series hits stores.

Konami has also confirmed that it will not affect footballers from either team purchased for the MyClub mode. The players will still be available but the announcement has brought up doubts that the teams will remain in the game for future releases.

The PES series often features teams that have fictitious names since the company does not have the license. The different names have been included in many releases. The rosters are in the game but the team has a different name and logo.

PES vs. FIFA Series

Konami has several partnerships with football clubs around the world. The cover from its latest release features a superstar from Italian club Juventus. The game will continue to feature other teams that have their real name and logo but this announcement could leave the two teams without their real name in the game.

Konami and EA have competed for years in the football category. The Pro Evolution Soccer series has stood out in many aspects but EA has brought strong competition with its FIFA titles.

The two have taken things to a whole new level in the last few years. Both have brought major partnerships and deals to make their games better every year. EA’s FIFA titles have featured most of the real teams but Konami has made big moves over the last two years.

Konami’s Recent Partnerships For PES

In July 2019, Konami and Juventus agreed to a partnership that made the club an exclusive for the series. This left the FIFA 20 without the Italian club. EA instead featured a team with a different name but with the roster.

The partnership came a year after EA made a big move to bring the Champions League and Europa League to the FIFA series. The Champions League was an exclusive for the PES series for many years. The tournament was one of the big features that the series had over the FIFA games. That changed with FIFA 2019, which featured the two tournaments and everything related to them, including the logos.

EA and La Liga Agree to Extension

Last month, EA made another big move by reaching a ten year extension with La Liga. The extension allows the company to keep the teams and everything related to the league on its game. La Liga is one of the most popular football leagues around the world, featuring superstars such as Suarez, Messi, Hazard, and many others.

The announcement from Konami has already led to rumors that EA might be planning to have a partnership with the two clubs, which are some of the most popular in Italy. A new PES game is expected to be released in the near future so we’ll find out more about the clubs when that happens.