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Xiaomi’s Latest Patent Reveals Unusual Smartphone Design

Xiaomi is no stranger to releasing smartphones with new designs and interesting features. But one of its most interesting and unusual designs has been revealed through its latest patent.

The Chinese tech giant has reportedly filed a patent in China and Netherlands that turns a smartphone into a wireless earbuds holder. The idea sounds like it could make the phone a lot thicker to the point that people have trouble putting it inside their pockets. But the patent shows that the smartphone could remain the same as any other but with the addition of the earbuds on top.

Renders From LetsGoDigital

LetsGoDigital has posted renders of what the smartphone would look like with the wireless earbuds on top. The renders show a normal smartphone design with a large screen. The interesting part is the area in which the earbuds are placed in.

This design would allow users to carry their wireless earbuds with them at all times. Not only does this save space in the pockets but it also prevents the user from ever forgetting them.

The patent filing reportedly mentions just more than the smartphone being a wireless earbuds holder. The wireless earbuds are also said to work as built-in speakers.

Just a Patent at the Moment

This is just a patent at the moment so no one knows if the company will go ahead with this design. A design like this does leave people wondering how the company will make everything work. Smartphone companies are always looking to make their phones the thinnest possible and parts are usually moved around inside. A design like this would take some room from the top since there has to be enough space for the earbuds to slide all the way in.

It’s just a patent right now but it once again shows that the company is always looking at every bit of design that could make a smartphone worth buying. There is really no other company doing this so it is definitely something that would make this Xiaomi phone very different from the others.

Other Rumored Designs

Speaking of unusual and interesting designs, the company has also been mentioned in leaks about another design that would be far different from the rest. Just a few days ago, leaked images showed what many believe is the next Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone. The series is known for bringing impressive designs but the leaked images show that the company could take things to a new level.

The images show a smartphone with a large screen, just like the Mi Mix smartphones and the majority of other releases now. But things get interesting on the edge of the screen. We’re used to seeing phones with buttons on the sides but the buttons here are located on the screen.

This would be another switch in design for the series. The last release, not counting the concept Mi Mix Alpha, saw a much different design. That phone was the Mi Mix 3, which features a slider mechanism that reveals the dual-lens front camera.

Xiaomi has been a little quiet on a new Mi Mix release but reports have repeatedly said that the company will release a new one at some points. That wouldn’t be very surprising since the series has done very well for the company since launching in late 2016.



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