5 Common PS4 Issues Users Hope Not To See On the PS5

The PlayStation 5 is just a few weeks away from debuting in the US and other markets. Many have already preordered their PS5 and are simply waiting to get it on launch day. The upcoming Sony console has the latest in tech and will for sure be a nice upgrade over the PS4. But several users are probably thinking about the things that were not so good on the PS4. The PlayStation 4 has done well for Sony but like many consoles, it also has its common issues. Here are five common issues users hope not to see on Sony’s next console:

Slow Menu

The PS4 has a simple menu where players can change just about everything. But things can get a little slow when there is another application open. The menu also gets very slow when a user is in the middle of a game and decides to hit the PS button on the controller. The menu can take forever to pop up and it is usually better to wait, especially if the user is in the middle of an online match that requires immediate attention. The menu is much better than the PS3 but we all hope it is quicker on the PS5.

Auto Ejects

The PS4 has a common issue where the console starts randomly ejecting or trying to eject a disc. The issue has been around for a while and there are numerous posts from people asking how it can be fixed. In my case, my PS4 randomly attempts to eject a disc, even if I am playing a digital game. The console also makes the beeping noise as if I had pressed the button to eject the disc. At times, the console will continue to beep for a while. On top of that, the console doesn’t stop making the noise of a disc being inserted. The only thing that stops these random beeps and disc drive noises is restarting the console. It doesn’t happen all the time but it is something that no PS5 user should have.

Console Turning Off

The console turning off has been a big issue for the majority of releases. The issue can be due to a number of things, including overheating. During the PS3 era, there was the yellow light/red light, which forced the console to turn off. PS4 users have reported problems with their consoles turning off. The issue doesn’t seem to be as bad as the PS3 but it is something that no one wants to see on the PS5.

Loud Fan

The PS4 can get very loud on some games. In some cases, that has to do with dust being inside the console. But there are some games that make the console’s fan go very loud. This is nothing new with consoles but we all hope that the next releases are a little more silent since the original PS4 and newer editions sound like they are taking off.

Controller Battery

The PS4 has a nice controller but if you’ve been using your console for years now, you probably keep your controller plugged in or have decided to purchase a new one. The PS4 controller runs out of battery pretty quick. The PS5 has a new controller design but will the battery life be much better now? We’ll find out soon.