Huawei Mate 40 Phones Are Coming Soon

One of Huawei’s popular smartphone series is coming in less than two weeks. The Chinese tech giant recently tweeted it will reveal its Mate 40 devices on October 22. The smartphones could be the last of its releases to have Kirin processors due to the ongoing battle with the US government.

The situation involving the US government and the smartphone giant has not changed. The US government actually extended the restrictions for another year not too long ago. Back in May 2019, the Trump Administration placed Huawei and its other brands on a restrictions list.

Restrictions Mean No Google Services

The restrictions prevent US companies from working with Huawei. This includes Google, the giant behind the Android operating system. Huawei phones continue to feature Android but the latest releases do not bring Google Mobile Services. This means that the phones lack apps such as YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail. The restrictions recently led to the loss of two display suppliers for the company. Reports said the company had secured agreements with at least one more supplier.

The lack of Google apps actually began with the Mate 30 phones last year. That has continued with other Huawei releases such as Mate X, Mate Xs, and P40 phones. During that time, Huawei has worked on bringing alternatives to the apps that have not been included on their smartphones.

Mate 40: Rumored Specs and Recent Render

The alternatives appeared to be the way the company would handle things during the restrictions. But things will be changing in the near future. Not too long ago, there were reports that the company was planning a move to its operating system, Harmony OS. The reports became true a few days later after the company confirmed that its phones would have the operating system next year. It is unclear if this includes its most popular series such as the Mate and P phones.

There is no word on what the announcement will unveil for the Mate 40 series. Rumors are pointing to a Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro smartphone. The Pro edition is rumored to have a 6.7-inch display and the Mate 40 a 6.5-inch display. A few hours ago, a unique render revealed more on the camera found in the back of the phone. The render shows a camera bump in the shape of an octagon. That is all that can be seen in the image since the rest is dark.

Different Designs for the Camera?

Notebookcheck reports that the company could introduce different designs for the more expensive Mate 40 Pro models. Rumors currently suggest that there is one Pro model but previous Huawei series have featured other releases. Some come during the announcement and others are launched shortly after. There aren’t many rumors on the other releases that the company usually offers. We’re talking about the affordable versions of their flagship releases.

The Mate 40 series will launch on Oct. 22 so we will soon learn the price and much more on the phones. We’ll keep you updated if there is more information in the next few days.