Huawei Will Have Its Alternative To Google Soon, Report Says

It appears that Huawei is getting closer and closer to fully leaving Android. The move is not exactly a surprise after everything that’s happened since last year. But it seems like the move will happen much quicker than we all thought.

Huawei’s most recent smartphones have Android but that is just an open source version. The smartphones do not have the Google Mobile Services, which brings apps such as Gmail, YouTube, Play Store, Google Maps, and many more.

Android, Harmony OS, and Recent Alternatives

Over the last year and a half, the company has been working on providing alternatives to those apps. The company has worked on replacements for Google Maps and many other apps that are popular with most Android smartphones today.

Early on, it seemed like Huawei would just stick with the alternatives and continue using that version of Android. But in recent weeks, things have changed and they have changed very quickly.

Just a few weeks ago, the company confirmed that it would start featuring its own OS on smartphones. Harmony OS was announced last year and it was previously thought to be for other Huawei products. Not too long ago, the company confirmed that it would be making a move to the OS. The confirmation came shortly after reports said that the company was getting ready to release a smartphone with Harmony OS in 2021.

Harmony OS: The Future for Huawei?

Huawei can’t go back to the Android version that it featured before May 2019. Now, a report claims that the company is close to being ready for a Harmony OS release. The release for developers is rumored to be coming as early as December.

Forbes has brought up the information from Notebookcheck, which reported that the company may send Harmony OS in smartphones instead of the version of Android that it is currently using.

Huawei was using Android just like many other smartphone companies out there. But things changed back in May 2019. At the time, the US government announced restrictions against the company. The restrictions prevent US companies from working with the Chinese smartphone giant.

No Google Mobile Services

The situation has forced the company to look for alternatives since it cannot work with Google, the company behind the Google Mobile Services. Over the last year, the company has used those alternatives on smartphones. The Mate 30 smartphones were the first to debut without Google Mobile Services and that later continued with the Mate X, Mate Xs, and P40 devices.

Harmony OS came months after the restrictions were announced. Reports initially had it as something that would be featured on smartwatches and other products. But now, things have changed and it seems like the company will fully go with Harmony OS for its future phones. The US government also extended the restrictions for another year a few months ago so there seems to be no going back for Android.

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