PlayStation 5 and Burger King Have a Promotional Contest

The release of the PlayStation 5 is less than a month away but we’re already getting the chance to hear the start-up sound of the console. The start-up sound is something that gamers will hear hundreds or thousands of times during the soon to come PS5 era.

The sound was not revealed through a Sony live stream. It was instead revealed through a Burger King promotional contest. The video is only a few seconds long but it shows the king opening a bag that makes the sound. The bag also has a blue glow when it is opened, indicating that it is for the Sony console.

The start-up sound is something that sticks with gamers. We all remember the sound for the PS1, PS2, and PS3 consoles. The PS5 era is about to start and we’re going to be hearing that sound for a while, and by while we mean for at least five years.

Burger King’s Previous Video Game Contests

Burger King is no stranger to contests involving video games. A while back, the company actually worked with PlayStation’s rival, the Xbox, to release a few BK video games. The games were compatible with the first Xbox and the console that had just been released, the Xbox 360.

The latest promotional contest from Burger King requires people to buy burgers. Gtplanet reports that the first step of the contest is to register on the BK official website or download the official app. After that, customers need to make any qualifying purchase of at least $5 pre-tax. The purchase will give the customer a competition token. It is not yet known how many tokens can be earned in a day.

Game With Tokens Earned

The token allows the customer to play an in-app scratchcard game. The top prize of the game is Sony’s upcoming console, the PS5. There are 6,000 prizes for the contest, 1,000 of them being PS5s. The rest are codes for launch titles and PS Now.┬áThe contest begins on October 15 and will be available until November 22.

Sony has revealed just about everything on its upcoming console. The PlayStation 5, announced earlier this year, has a price of $399 and $499. There are two options, one with a disc drive and another one without it. The console’s design was unveiled earlier this year through a Sony live stream.

PS5 Coming Next Month

The PS5 will be released on November 12 in the US and other markets. The rest of the world will get the console on November 19. Sony has said that the new console will allow gamers to play many of their PS4 titles. The upcoming console has a number of launch day titles but the company has also announced the PS Plus Collection to keep gamers very entertained. The collection features a number of PS4 classics, including God of War, Days Gone, Uncharted 4, and The Last Guardian.

Are you getting a PS5? Which titles are you looking to play? What is your favorite video game of the PS4 era? Let us know in the comments.