Poco Is Not Done With Phone Releases This Year

2020 has seen a number of releases from the Poco brand. The launches kicked off in February and haven’t stopped. The last release happened a few weeks ago but it looks like the brand is not done for the year.

GSMArena reports that the Product Marketing Manager and Global Spokesperson of the company took Twitter to announce that they are not done this year. The post does not mention any device or details but it clearly says that the company isn’t finished with this year.

Certified But There Is Little Information

GSMArena reports that an unannounced Poco phone has been certified with the Euroasian Economic Commission. The model number does not give any information as to what it is. But the site reports that it won’t be a global version of a Xiaomi release. At the same time, the site reports that the number looks similar to Xiaomi releases so it could still be one.

There is little information on what the phone might be. But the post from the Poco official confirms that there will be at least one more release this year. The brand has been doing all kinds of impressive releases in recent months so many of us are expecting another solid release.

Recent Releases from Poco

Earlier this month, the brand shocked the tech world when it announced the Poco C3. The smartphone’s design isn’t anything out of this world but the company has managed to lower the prices even more. The starting price of the Poco C3 is just $102. The second option with more internal storage is just $20 more.

Smartphones with 3GB/32GB and 3GB/64GB are usually a lot more expensive than that. But this release is now the cheapest device from the brand. This is quite impressive since the company had recently released another affordable device that seemed nearly impossible to beat at that price range.

The Poco M2 had been released just weeks before at a price of around $149. The Poco M2 was already very affordable when compared to other midrange smartphones. The Poco M2 offers a little more than the Poco C3. Both options of the M2 offer 6GB of RAM, which is solid for that kind of price. The device has other solid specs such as a 5,000 mAh battery and a FullHD+ display.

Poco Brand

The Poco brand has been making some impressive releases in the last few years. A lot of the hype began with the Poco F1 smartphone, which came out of nowhere with some jaw dropping specs at a very low price. Since then, the brand has done a few more releases at low prices.

The year is close to being over so it probably won’t be long before the brand finally announces the phone that its official is talking about in the tweet. We’ll keep you updated when there is more information.

What do you think about Poco smartphones? What do you think they are planning to release? Do you own any of them? Let us know in the comments.