Friday, June 9, 2023

Used PS4 Sales Have Skyrocketed, Report Says

The PS5 is less than two months away from its big release and many are looking to have one on launch day. The upcoming console isn’t exactly super affordable but many appear to be turning to their current consoles to save some money for their new purchase.

A report from Milanuncios, a page where people can sell used tech products, pointed out that there has been a shocking increase of PS4s up for sale. The numbers from the page are for Spain, where many are also getting ready for the release of the PS5.

The page saw one of its biggest increases of PS4 listings on the day that the price and release of the PS5 was announced. The increase of listings was 107 percent. The Xbox has also seen an increase but it is far lower at 21 percent.

MeriStation reports that the increase actually began when people found out that the price and release date of the console was near. The information was announced by Sony last month, putting an end to all the rumors about how much it would cost.

Microsoft has also announced its prices and release date. The company even made a surprise announcement of a cheaper console after leaks surfaced about another release.

The increase of listings on the page likely mean that many are attempting to get some money off their PS4s as they wait for the PS5. The increase might continue since the release date is just over a month away.

The PS5 recently went up for preorders in the US and other parts of the world. The process was a little messy as the preorders were set to go live the day after the price and release date announcement. But several retailers instead decided to make them available right away or just a few hours later. The pages of several retailers struggled during that day and many people complained that they could not preorder one.

Microsoft had its Xbox preorders go live a few days later. The process by the company seemed to be taking a different approach after what happened with the PS5. But things were not smooth as many complained that they were gone in a matter of minutes.

Microsoft recently saw an increase in sales but this was a totally different situation to what was reported from the page in Spain. The current consoles, including the Xbox One X, saw a big increase on Amazon. The Xbox One X is one of the latest releases by the company but reports said the increase was likely due to the confusing names. The upcoming Xbox consoles are called Xbox Series X and Series S. Both have a similar name to consoles such as the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S. Several users reported on social media that they had bought the wrong console.

The PS5 will be released in the US, Japan, and other markets on November 12. The Xbox Series X and S will be released on November 10.


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