Friday, February 3, 2023

WWE Raw Underground Done?

There have been some major changes in WWE over the last few days. One of the main changes is the WWE Draft, which has switched up the rosters and will provide new storylines throughout the year. But one part of the show appears to be done.

Raw Underground has not been part of WWE Raw for the last two weeks. The sudden disappearance of the fights from the show have sparked rumors that it has been cancelled. Underground was introduced to the show just a few weeks ago. This part of the show was hosted by Shane McMahon but it appears that the concept was not very successful or came at the wrong time since all companies are still trying to deal with the coronavirus situation.

WWE Raw Underground: Launch, Matches, and More

A recent report from Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned that Raw Underground for right now is considered done. The show was introduced just a few weeks ago so it missing for two weeks is not good news.

Raw Underground only saw a few fights but the show appeared to be focused on mostly the new recruits and those trying to make the main roster. The majority of the episodes featured new faces and some of the names that are popular on the NXT brand. One of the biggest names to appear in Raw Underground was Dabba Kato, who is now part of the WWE Raw roster. He is in the main roster following the WWE Draft, which shook things up on both sides.

Different Concept

Dabba Kato had some interesting fights in the show and his move to WWE Raw makes it seem like he will continue making appearances and maybe even have a feud with some of the big guys in the roster.

WWE Underground featured a much different concept than what is seen on brands such as SmackDown and Raw. The show was all about having fights between the superstars. There was no ring, just a stage where the superstars met. Some of the episodes did have main roster talent such as Baszler and Strowman.

Why Was It Cancelled?

Reports say the main reason that the show was cancelled was because of the threat of another coronavirus breakout. WWE never suspended operations during the pandemic but it did make big changes, including a move to the Performance Center. The majority of its big events, such as Wrestlemania, were held without an audience. For a while, the episodes did feature talent and staff as spectators. But the company now uses virtual fans, similar to what we saw during the end of the NBA regular season and playoffs.

It has only been two weeks since the show stopped so who knows, maybe it has just been suspended until the situation improves. We’ll keep you updated when there is more information.

Were you watching this part of the show? What did you like about it? Would you like to see it return? Let us know in the comments.



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