Cyberpunk 2077: Sony and Microsoft Confirm Refunds

Sony and Microsoft have confirmed refunds for the video game Cyberpunk 2077. Just hours ago, Sony pulled the game from its store and offered refunds to players. The heavily anticipated video game was released just a few days ago but there have been many complaints of it not running properly on some platforms or having bugs and glitches that ruin the experience.

Microsoft recently said that it would offer refunds to players who were not satisfied with the game. Developer CD Projekt Red released a statement on social media a few days ago, apologizing for the situation and promising a number of updates to improve the game.

Sony has pulled the game from the store and it is unclear if it will return anytime soon. Some of the complaints linked to the game are for the original PS4, with users saying it does not run well on that system. Several reviewers and videos on YouTube show many of the issues during the game’s story and free roam.

Both Platforms To Offer Refunds

A Microsoft spokesperson recently confirmed that Xbox players would get refunds. But the company has not pulled the game from its store. The company said the refund requests had now been expanded to digital purchases of the game.

The situation on the Sony side seemed to be a little confusing. There were reports that the company was offering refunds but there were other reports saying that the company was not. The statement from the game developer told players with copies purchased digitally that they should use the refund system from PSN or Xbox. But that was confusing too since PlayStation’s policy is to not offer refunds if the game has been downloaded and played. The only way that the refund can be processed is if the content is faulty. Some players said that the refund requests had been refused by Sony.

It is not clear if the removal of the game from the PS Store means that it is now considered faulty content under its policy. On PlayStation, the game can be played on the PS4 and PS5 (through the backwards compatibility feature). But the official version for the PS5 will be released next year, just like the version for the new Xbox consoles.

Cyberpunk 2077: PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Cyberpunk 2077 was released just a few days ago after years and years of waiting. The game was announced back in 2012 but it returned with a new announcement in 2018. The game saw multiple delays this year before it was finally released for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The majority of the complaints seem to come from the older consoles. Owners of the first PS4 and Xbox One complain that the game runs poorly and that there are visual quality drops, bugs, and glitches that make it unplayable.

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