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Report From Spanish Website Saying Microsoft Is Acquiring Sony Was Just a Joke

On Monday, some people were shocked to hear that Microsoft had acquired Sony. But it turns out it was just a Spanish April Fool’s prank. The report left many confused as Microsoft and Sony are rivals when it comes to gaming systems and a few other tech products.

The report mentioned that the company had acquired Sony and all of its divisions. The news sounded a bit suspicious since acquiring a company like Sony would probably have to be done with a record setting deal. The news didn’t take long to spark debates online from people who thought it was real or simply wanted to discuss how something like this would change things in the tech industry.

The report came from a Spanish website, which posted a detailed article on the deal. The deal was said to be for $130 billion and the article added some other information to grab the attention of the viewers and make it seem like it was really happening.

Not True

The Courier reports that the article came from a website called Microsofters. The report went viral when users shared the translated version with EN24 News. The article was posted on December 28 and The Courier reports that it was simply a joke by the website. The news site says December 28 is Day of the Holy Innocents in many Hispanic cultures. The day is closest to April Fool’s Day, an annual tradition where people come up with jokes and pranks.

Can you imagine an acquisition like this? It would obviously have to take an insane amount of money. The Spanish website did mention $130 billion but even that sounds like a small number when talking about Sony. The company is behind many tech products, including smartphones, TVs, and one of its most popular, the PlayStation.

Microsoft vs. Sony

Microsoft and Sony have been rivals since they both started competing in the console market. The PlayStation 4 did better than Microsoft’s previous console, the Xbox One. But the two companies are battling again with new consoles. Sony released the PS5 on November 12 while Microsoft debuted the Xbox Series X and S just two days before that. Both consoles are currently difficult to find as high demand has left them sold out in almost every retailer around the world.

We’ve seen surprising acquisitions in the past but this one was hard to believe. The report did manage to catch the attention of people and news sites say some even shared the information. The Courier reports that some were so disappointed to hear that it was not true that they deleted the information that had been shared.


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