Ubisoft+ Joining Xbox Game Pass Next Year?

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription recently made a major addition and rumors have it that another service will be joining in the near future. The service we’re talking about is Ubisoft+.

Just a few weeks back, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription added EA Play to its lineup. The EA service was offered on the Xbox separately before both sides announced a deal that added the service for Game Pass Ultimate members. The addition became official with the release of the Xbox Series X and S on Nov. 10.

Ubisoft has a similar service to EA Play that is called Ubisoft+. The information comes from Twitter user Idle Sloth, who shared an Xbox Worlds post. The article mentions that the service could come to Xbox Game Pass some time in Holiday 2021.

The article includes a few other rumors for the Microsoft console. But the Ubisoft service addition to its subscription is one of the biggest rumors there. EA Play’s addition was huge for the service since it introduced a number of EA releases. EA Play offers a much bigger lineup than on the PlayStation side, where it debuted last year. Here are some of the titles it offers on Xbox:

  • Anthem
  • Army of Two
  • A Way Out
  • Battlefield: Bad Company
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Battlefield V
  • Black
  • Fe
  • FIFA 14 – 20
  • Fight Night Champion
  • Madden NFL 15 – 20
  • NBA Live 15 – 19
  • Need For Speed
  • NHL 15 – 20
  • UFC, UFC 2, and UFC 3
  • Unravel and Unravel Two
  • The Sims 4
  • SSX
  • Sea of Solitude
  • Rocket Arena
  • Peggle and Peggle 2

If the article is accurate, Ubisoft+ would be another major addition to the Xbox service. This is all just a rumor at the moment but members wouldn’t mind seeing it come true in the near future.

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