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PlayStation Plus February 2021: 7 Titles That Would Make Sense

The month of February is nearly here and that means free games for subscribers. Over the last two months, the service has delivered three free games instead of the usual two. One of the games is reserved for the PS5 while the other two are for the PS4, playable on the PS5 with the backwards compatibility feature. Here are seven titles that would make sense for the month of February:

Far Cry 5/New Dawn

Far Cry 6 is coming this year so many users posting predictions have mentioned Far Cry 5 or its expansion, New Dawn. Both are solid titles so those who haven’t played it would be happy with this release.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

The Uncharted series is something that many PS users have probably already played. All four Uncharted games are good but there is a separate release that is also quite entertaining, Lost Legacy. In the past, the service has featured all four Uncharted games through PS Plus or free promotions. Lost Legacy has not been part of that so it would really make sense if we saw it as part of the February lineup.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a really good game but it has never been part of the service. There will be a second game in the future so a free release would really make sense. The game was added to PS Now back in December but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be on PS Plus. In the past, we’ve seen PlayStation release free games on PS Plus that were already available on PS Now.

Maneater (PS4)

Maneater is available as part of the January free games but there was some criticism from the community after it was revealed that the release would only be for the PS5. There were reports that the company was handing out refunds for those who had just bought the game before it was announced as part of the January lineup. Maneater seems to be a game that many want to play so it would make sense if PlayStation came back with a free release again, this time for the PS4.

Marvel’s Avengers

Last year, reports said that Square Enix had reported a $48 million loss following the release of Marvel’s Avengers. Reports point to weak sales as part of the problem. But other reports have also brought up more bad news, saying that the game on PC lost the majority of its player count. That is not good news for a game that was released not too long ago. A PS Plus free release would probably help recover part of the losses.

A Simulator Game

The PS Plus service has featured all kinds of games over the years. One of the many involves simulators. Not too long ago, the service angered part of the community when it made Farming Simulator one of its free releases. This came months after Goat Simulator was part of the PS Plus free games. Many wouldn’t like seeing a simulator game but we had to bring them up since the service has featured at least two in recent years.

Hitman 2

Hitman 3 has just been released so it would make sense if PlayStation released the second game. I didn’t bring up the first game because that was released for PS Plus back in February 2019. There is also an HD Collection out there that features Absolution and Blood Money so that can’t be ruled out either.

Destruction AllStars seems to be the PS5 game that will be available for February. The title was originally set to be a launch title for the new Sony console but it was delayed and made a PS Plus game.


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