Friday, June 9, 2023

Respawn Announces Major Changes To Apex Legends Ranked Mode

Respawn Entertainment has dropped some big news just days before the launch of Apex Legends Season 8. The Apex Legends official Twitter account posted the changes that will come to Ranked starting in Season 8. Here are some of them:

  • Earn placement RP earlier in a match: The rewards will now begin at placement 13, which is great news since players will have a higher chance of earning some points early on in the match.
  • Kill/Assist count has been raised to 6: Players now have the chance to earn more RP with kills and assists. This is a small change but one that had been requested by part of the community for a while.
  • Predator has been increased to the top 750 players: The game will go from 500 Apex Predators to 750 next season. This means some players will have a higher chance of reaching that rank on their platform.
  • Diamond skydive trails will be returning: One of the best rewards for Ranked will be available for Diamond players next season. The reward is the dive trail, which has been available recently but for Master and Apex Predator ranks. Back in Season 2 and 3, the dive trail was unlocked by reaching the Diamond rank. The players who reached that rank during those seasons got to keep their dive trails. Since Season 4, the game has featured the trails for the two highest ranks but they are only available for one season. This change will likely attract more people to Ranked.
  • Kings Canyon and Olympus: Kings Canyon and Olympus will be the maps for Ranked. The two maps have been part of the Ranked rotation in the past but things will be a bit different for Kings Canyon since Respawn has made some changes to it. World’s Edge will not be part of the split but the page mentions that it will return.

Ranked was introduced back in Season 2. The mode is exactly like playing a regular match but placements, eliminations and assists earn players points. Players are given a rank and they advance through them by earning points.

Ranked mode has been in the game for a while but this is one of the few times in which Respawn has announced major changes. The changes sound great and they should make things a little less difficult for players.

Season 8 of Apex Legends will be coming on February 2. Respawn has already dropped several trailers of the upcoming Legend and some of the changes that will be on Kings Canyon. Earlier today, the game developer dropped a little trailer showing how Fuse, the new Legend, uses his abilities in battle.

What do you think about the Ranked changes? Did you play during Season 7? Let us know in the comments.


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