Saturday, June 10, 2023

PlayStation Wrap-Up Is Back!

The PlayStation Wrap-Up has returned with a bunch of cool stats and info for players around the world. The latest Wrap-Up features all the stats from 2020, including some for the PS5.

The 2020 Wrap-Up was announced through the PlayStation Blog just hours ago. The page has the link to the official PlayStation site, where you sign in and see all the stats and info for 2020.

This latest celebration has a few additions, including stats for the latest MLB: The Show game, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima. All three have their categories, so if you played any of them you should see something related to them.

The stats show things such as how many hours were played during the year and what was the most played online game. There is a section for trophy hunters too, which shows how many trophies were unlocked, including Platinums.

The reward for this year is a free dynamic theme featuring PlayStation Shapes. The reward can be claimed in the same page as the stats and all the info. The process will show a code and allow you to exchange it for the theme and download.

The celebration was recently introduced and will be available until early March. Some comments on the PS Blog are saying that the page seems to be having problems, with users reporting that they are not getting any info or are struggling to access the page.

Other users are reporting that they have accessed the page but some of the stats seem a little off. For me, the page brought up that my most played online game was FIFA 20, even though the other categories show that I have played other online games more.

The PlayStation Wrap-Up just arrived so if you are encountering any problems, just check back later today. All of the information on the 2020 Wrap-Up can be found on the official PlayStation Blog.

Sean Farlow
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