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5 Hidden/Useful Features You Probably Still Don’t Know About the PS4

The PlayStation 4 is no longer the main console from Sony but the system is still quite popular since the PlayStation 5 is extremely difficult to find. The high demand for the new console will likely keep many of us playing on the older console for a few more months. While we wait, we have some useful features that you probably still don’t know about.

Hidden Trophies

Trophies are found on mostly every PS4 game. The list can be easily accessed by players but did you know that there is a way to see the hidden ones? A lot of the lists have hidden trophies that can’t be seen while scrolling. Hidden trophies don’t show any of the information, including the title and the description of what you have to do to unlock it. But there is an easy way to see everything. On a hidden trophy, all you have to do is press square on it. Select the trophy and it will actually tell you to press the button if you want to see the hidden information.

Stream Comments

One of the cool features about the PS4 is that users can easily set up a stream on any game. All they have to do is press the share button to begin livestreaming. But did you know that there is a way to see the comments made on the stream without checking your phone or PC? The settings has an option where you can have the comments appear on the right side of the screen. The option takes a small part of the screen but it is very useful, especially if you’re one of those people that can’t wait to see what viewers are commenting.

PS Store Filters

The PlayStation Store offers plenty of games but it can be difficult to find what you’re searching for on Deals and other categories. But there is an easy way to set up and have the best results on a search. When looking at the deals section or other categories, look at the options available on the small bar above the selection of games.

Those options allow you to choose from lowest to highest prices and many other categories. The left side also allows you to select from different price ranges, making the search even quicker.

Changing User/Small Notification After Change

Username changes on PSN have been available for some time now. The feature took a while to debut but it came with a free change for all users. But there’s more than just a change for those who don’t want to confuse their friends list. Users can keep a little message on their profile that lets other users know what their previous PSN was. The message only lasts 30 days though.

Saving To Library

Saving to library is one of the most useful features, especially for PS Plus members. The feature basically allows you to save the games to your account without having to download them. You can start a download, stop, and then delete the PS Plus game and it will still be on your account. But saving to library is the quickest way. This will be extremely useful for the games that PS is planning to release in a few days with its Play At Home initiative.




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