8 NFL Teams That Could Look Entirely Different Next Season

The world of football is constantly seeing players switch teams and announce retirements. Just a few hours ago, legendary QB Drew Brees announced his retirement after playing for 20 seasons. Over the last few days, teams have agreed to new deals with players, have made trades, or have expressed interest in making moves. Some teams appear to be headed in a new direction but many more could join too with the draft and free agency around the corner. Here are some NFL teams that could look entirely different when the regular season starts later this year:

Houston Texans

The Houston Texans recently released J.J. Watt but that might not be the last big move for the team before the season starts. In the last few weeks, reports have said that Watson wants out of the team. The QB has been great in his time with the team but the recent reports point to a trade.

Watson is a great QB and any team interested will likely have to thrown in multiple first round picks. Some analysts have even brought up that the trade might have to include players as well.

Watson is still on the team but rumors are flying around and talks are expected to heat up before the draft.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles struggled last season and immediately made moves for the future. Wentz was traded to the Colts after years and years of QB controversies on the team. The QB they drafted last year is now their number one and it appears that management is behind the decision to make him the starter for the regular season. Reports say the team will not bring another QB to compete, giving Hurts the chance to convince the team that he is the future.

With Wentz now gone, the team will look a bit different. Other players are also on their way out. Reports recently said that the team will release WR Alshon Jeffery. Zach Ertz will likely be traded in the near future. Some reports have said that the team is seeking a high draft pick for the star TE.

New York Jets

The Jets are expected to make big moves in the near future. One move that rumors have repeatedly mentioned is the trade of Darnold. The QB has been with the team for less than three years but rumors on a trade have been popping up for a while now.

The Jets have not been very good but changes could be coming very soon. The team also holds the second pick in the draft and there will be many QBs available.

Washington Football Team

The QB situation in Washington is still a bit of a question mark. Haskins and Smith are no longer on the team, which means they will have to go with what they got or use a pick in the draft. The WFT has a solid defense and solving the QB situation could make this team very dangerous. The team actually made the playoffs last year, despite not having a great record.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints will have a different QB next season. Drew Brees recently announced his retirement, something that wasn’t very surprising since many thought it was coming after the playoff loss earlier this year.

The Saints have Winston and Hill but rumors have even brought up that the team should take a look at other quarterbacks in the market. It will be interesting to see who starts for the team this year.

Chicago Bears

The Bears QB situation could change with a massive trade that’s been rumored for a few days now. Several reports have mentioned that the Bears are interested in Watson and Wilson. Both QBs will likely require lots of picks and maybe players.

The Bears were off to a hot start last season before going on a long losing streak and later a quick run to make the playoffs. Having Wilson or Watson would make the offense look completely different. Reports say the team hasn’t ruled out a return for Trubisky.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars hold the first pick in the draft and that is likely going to be used on Lawrence. In the last few years, the team has gone from a contender to almost a brand new roster. The number one pick in the draft will help start things over and the team will have to make other moves to help out the QB. The Jaguars need a lot of experienced talent after going 1 – 15 last year.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have Joe Burrow and he played well before going down with an injury. Now, the team must make changes to give him more protection and add a few pieces on the defense and offense. The moves have to be big as they are in one of the toughest divisions in football. The Ravens, Browns, and Steelers all made the playoffs last year.