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Top 5 Most Expensive Foldable Phones – 2021 List

The majority of foldable phones out now are pretty expensive. But there are some that just take things to a new level when it comes to price. The options on foldable phones remain quite small at the moment but there are some devices that are simply a lot more expensive than the rest. Here are the top 5 most expensive foldable phones:

5. Royole FlexPai 2

Last year, Royole returned with an improved foldable phone known as the FlexPai 2. Back in 2019, Royole was actually the very first to announce a foldable phone. The announcement came at a time in which the tech world was waiting for giants such as Huawei and Samsung to be the first to unveil foldable phones. The FlexPai 2 starts at about $1,470, which is nearly $200 more than the original FlexPai.

4. Galaxy Z Fold

The Galaxy Z Fold was Samsung’s very first foldable phone. If you’ve been keeping up with foldable phone news, you probably know that this phone was supposed to be released in early 2019. But that changed when early reviewers found out some issues with the phone. The device was delayed and released later that year. At the time, the price of the phone was $1,980, making it the second most expensive foldable phone.

3. Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the latest release in the Galaxy Z Fold series. The foldable phone comes with some improvements over the Galaxy Z Fold. The device looks great but all the improvements come at a high price. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a price of $1,999, which isn’t that much of a difference when compared to the price of the first Galaxy Z Fold. But $1,999 is still a very high price, especially when comparing it to smartphones today.

2. Huawei Mate X

The Huawei Mate X was one of the few foldable devices that launched in 2019. The Mate X is the company’s first try at a foldable phone and the reviews were mostly pretty good. The device arrived with the latest in tech but also at a very high price. When we say high, very high, actually the most expensive foldable at the time. The device launched with a price of about $2,400. That’s $400 more than the Galaxy Z Fold and nearly $1,000 more than the somewhat affordable foldable versions such as the Galaxy Z Flip and the Motorola Razr.

1. Huawei Mate X2

Just a few days ago, Huawei announced the Mate X2 with a ton of improvements over the Mate X and the upgraded Mate XS. The foldable phone looks quite interesting but the company has taken things to a new level once again. The Mate X was already a very expensive device but the Mate X2 is even more than that. The Mate X2 has a price of about $2,800. Not too long ago, many were complaining that smartphones were getting too expensive. At the time, some flagship smartphones were being sold for about $1,000. Foldable phones and smartphones are quite different but nearly $3,000 for a phone makes those $1,000 devices look cheap. 2021 is just getting started so it probably won’t be long before we see companies attempt to go a different route by announcing much cheaper foldable phones. We can’t rule out an affordable Huawei foldable either, rumors have repeatedly said the company and others want to offer something that many more people can buy.


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