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EA Account Glitch Removes $2,000 Worth of Items From Apex Player

An Apex Legends player seems to have been left with almost nothing after doing a simple process required by the game. The issue, which is said to be linked to the EA accounts, left the player without his in-game cosmetics.

The player didn’t just have a few items, the loss includes six heirlooms. The whole issue started when the player was prompted to sign-in to the account. Once the process was done, the player noticed that everything was gone from his account.

The player took reddit to explain what happened when he was asked to sign-in. The only thing left for the player was the ranked and game level. The user mentioned in the reddit post that all of it is gone and that there is really nothing he can do to get them back.

“All of it is gone and nothing can be done to regain any of the items,” the player said on the post. “What makes this extra weird is that both of my accounts appear in the club that my friend made. But I can’t access the other account. I have tried dealing with EA Advisors, if that is what you can call them, they will advise you that it was your fault and that there is nothing that you can do about it.”

The player says he has spent $2,000 on the battle royale game, which sells a number of cosmetics. The removal of the cosmetics after the sign-in include the six heirlooms, the rarest items in the game.

Apex Legends heirlooms are unique items to each Legend. Not all legends have them but the team usually brings one to a character every season. Heirlooms can be found by opening packs or by spending more than $160 on the cosmetics offered through events.

The Apex Legends player is not the first to make this kind of post. In the past, other users have complained that their items have disappeared or that their account can’t be accessed.

The official Apex Legends subreddit is often filled with posts from people complaining about bans that have happened when they weren’t even playing the game. Other users have also had similar problems to the one brought up by the player. In some cases, the player has lost a few items or just one. But this post is way more than one item.

The post on reddit has caught the attention of many users. The top reply in there is from another user who claims to have gone through a similar problem. That user contacted support and got access to his old account, which had all the cosmetics he had purchased. Other replies to that comment point out that the system appears to have something wrong, with some saying they are no longer receiving their Twitch Prime skins or can’t request them because they can’t access their EA account. The post currently has more than 13,000 upvotes but no dev has made a reply to explain what could have happened during the process.





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