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Respawn’s New Season of Apex Legends Kicks Off With Numerous Issues, Servers Now Up

The new season of battle royale game Apex Legends kicked off on Tuesday. But those who planned to play right away immediately found a ton of issues, with most of them preventing them from enjoying the new season.

The update for Season 9 was released on early Tuesday. But some players were simply waiting for the time to hit 1 PM since the update was actually available for download on the PS4 the day before.

The new season went live but it didn’t take long for users to run into issues. Just minutes after the launch, users began reporting that they were having issues getting past the loading screen that finds the servers.

At one point, many players were not able to get on and see the new content for the season. Some were lucky to get to the lobby and check out the new battle pass and other additions. But a percentage of them ran into even bigger problems once they were allowed in.

Users took reddit to ask and complain about the issues. In some cases, the users found that they had no coins or Legends available. Others complained that the game had taken the coins but not unlocked the battle pass they had purchased.

Other issues also surfaced, including Legends not loading correctly and looking like characters from the PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 days. The official Apex Legends subreddit was flooded with posts on the issues and Respawn made it clear that there were issues and that they were working on them. The servers were down for a bit but did come back. Right now, the game can be played without any problems.

What’s New

The new season of Apex Legends kicked off with some issues. But there is still plenty of hype surrounding its additions. The popular battle royale game has introduced a new battle pass, comics, and many of the things we’ve seen in previous seasons. But its biggest addition of the season is Arenas, a brand new mode that is a bit different from battle royale.

Arenas features the same characters and weapons of the battle royale game. But the mode is a 3 v 3 battle in which players have to win three rounds in order to get the victory. There is no large map like in battle royale, it is more of a section, which closes just like in the battle royale mode. Every round, players have to use their points to pick the weapon and items they will carry. The mode contains maps made up of the sections from the battle royale maps. But there are some completely new maps for the mode.

The mode is a huge change from the battle royale formula, which has been on Apex Legends since the very beginning. In previous seasons, the game has featured other modes but those have been for limited time. The Arenas mode is here to stay, offering players something different. Respawn have already confirmed that there will be a Ranked mode in the future.

What do you think about the new season of Apex Legends? Let us know in the comments.


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