Connect USB Storage (PS4) – What It Means and How It Can Be Fixed

Are you currently getting a screen on your PS4 that tells you to connect your controller and then use a USB storage for reinstallation? Well, here we have a few ways that can be fixed.

Connect USB Storage

The issue appears to happen when something corrupts on the system. When it happens, the system will keep taking users to the screen telling them to connect the controller and then use a USB storage device.

There is no quick fix for this, powering it off and on again will keep displaying the message and not allowing users to play any games or be on the PS menu.

The first thing that users can do is get on the console’s Safe Mode, which is accessed by holding the power button until there is a second beep, at least on the original PS4. When the console does the second beep, it will take users to a screen with a number of options, including installing new update through a disc, storage drive, or internet. There’s a few other options that can be selected before clicking reinstallation at the bottom, which is the last option if nothing else works.

If the software update and rebuilding database options don’t work, then you’ll need to reinstall everything using a USB storage device. PlayStation has a page where you can download the latest update or reinstallation files. In that same page, there are also instructions on how to put the files in the USB storage.

Once everything is ready on the USB storage, turn on the console and watch it reinstall everything. Remember, this option will reset the console to factory setting, which means you’ll lose all saved data. The good news is that if you have PS Plus, there is a chance the service saved most of that data on the cloud.

The console will start up as if it was new, asking you to select a number of settings and other options. Once that’s done, you can start downloading everything again, including the saved data from PS Plus, if you are signed up to the service.

If the problem pops up again and again, this probably means there is something wrong with the hard drive and it will need to be replaced. PS4 hard drives aren’t super expensive and the process to replace it is quite easy. There are numerous videos on YouTube on how to do this.