Saturday, February 4, 2023

Florida: Many Missing After Residential Building Collapse

The collapse of a residential building in Miami has left dozens of people missing and at least one person dead, according to officials.

The cause of the collapse remains unclear but it is believed that 130 apartments were affected. Reports have revealed that many of the missing are Latin American migrants, including some from Colombia and Paraguay.

Search and rescue teams have been working on the site since the collapse. 35 people were pulled from the wreckage and a few of them were transported to a hospital. Miami-Dade Mayor Danielle Levine-Cava recently said that 102 people had been located and that 99 are unaccounted for.

Authorities don’t know how many people were in the building at the time. The BBC reports that relatives of the first lady of Paraguay are among the missing.

Local news stations reported that rescue teams were also working on rescuing people floor by floor. A crane was used to reach the higher balconies.

One person told the Miami Herald that his wife had heard a big explosion. Another person told CBS that the building shook and then looked out the window but couldn’t see anything.

The 12-story building was built in 1980. About one third of the building is said to have collapsed. The BBC reports that search and rescue teams are working from a parking garage underneath the building to look for survivors.

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