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July 15 and Up – All the Content Coming To Streaming Services (Part 2)

The second half of July has plenty of content coming up from streaming services around the world. Here is the content coming from services such as Starz, BritBox, Acorn TV, and Apple TV+:


July 16

“Step Up: High Water” – Episode 210

Another You, 1991

Basic, 2003

Blonde Ambition, 2007

Blue Streak, 1999

Catch And Release, 2007

Cops and Robbersons, 1994

Fan, The ,1996

Flicka 2, 2010

Hannah and Her Sisters, 1986

Jetsons: The Movie, 1990

Kid Blue, 1973

Kiss Me Goodbye, 1982

Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure, The, 1994

Land Before Time III: The Time Of The Great Giving, The, 1995

Land Before Time IV: Journey Through The Mists, The, 1996

Land Before Time, The, 1988

Man’s Best Friend, 1993

Nim’s Island, 2008

Only You, 1994

Rachel Getting Married, 2008

Redbelt, 2008

Replacement Killers, The, 1998

Return Of Frank James, The, 1940

Seagull, The, 2018

Shoot Out, 1971

Snow Queen: Mirrorlands, The, 2018

Wizard, The, 1989

July 17

Mary and the Witch’s Flower, 2017

July 18

“Power Book III: Raising Kanan” – Series Premiere – Episode 101

“Blindspotting” – Episode 105

“The Deceived” – Series Premiere – Episode 101

Affair, The, 2021

July 20

White House Down, 2013

July 21

Test Pattern, 2020

July 25

“Power Book III: Raising Kanan” – Episode 102

“Blindspotting” – Episode 106

“The Deceived” – Episode 102

July 31

Josie And The Pussycats 2001

Apple TV+

July 16


July 23

Ted Lasso (Season 2)

July 30 

Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson


July 20

Ashes to Ashes | New to BritBox, Exclusive

July 23

RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2021 | North American Premiere, Exclusive
The Bill: S26 | BritBox Exclusive, New to BritBox

July 27

Whitechapel | New to BritBox

July 29

Wedding of the Century | BritBox Original, BritBox Exclusive

Acorn TV

July 15

The Wine Show: Season 1 (Acorn TV Exclusive, also streaming on Sundance Now and AMC+) – Binge

July 19

Jack Irish: Season 3 (Acorn TV Exclusive) (2 of 4 Episodes)
Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries: Season 2 (Acorn TV Original) (Episode 8 of 8 – SEASON FINALE)
Outlier (Acorn TV Exclusive, Foreign Language, Norwegian with English subtitles) – Binge

July 22

The Wine Show: Season 2 (Acorn TV Exclusive, also streaming on Sundance Now and AMC+)

July 26

Jack Irish: Season 3 (Acorn TV Exclusive) (3 of 4 Episodes)
Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee – Binge
The Heart Guy: Series 5 (Acorn TV Exclusive) – Binge

July 29

The Wine Show: Season 3 (Acorn TV Exclusive, also streaming on Sundance Now and AMC+) – Exclusive Streaming Binge Premiere in North America

Remember, these services will also be removing some of the content that was previously added. The list of removals is short for most of these services but there is some good content leaving. We’ll keep you updated on the many streaming services available around the world.



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