Ukraine: Authorities Find Warehouse Full of PS4 Pros During Raid

A raid by Ukrainian authorities found thousands of devices set up in a warehouse. Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) discovered a cryptocurrency mining farm that was carefully organized with racks that were filled with thousands of devices. Among the devices were thousands of PS4 Pros.

Authorities reportedly entered the warehouse because the place was allegedly stealing electricity off the country. In the raid, the security service discovered a large area with racks filled with the most powerful version of the PS4 consoles.

Authorities found more than 5,000 devices in the warehouse, with about 3,800 of them being game consoles. The warehouse is located next to an energy distribution company and authorities are said to be investigating that.

The agency accuses the people behind the farm of using more than $200,000 worth of energy. Kotaku and other sites report that the security service has not ruled out involvement by officials at the power company located near the warehouse running the operation.

The equipment found during the raid has been seized, including the PS4 Pros. The operation must have been a costly one for the people running the farm if all the consoles were PS4 Pros. The Sony console is still being sold at prices between $300 and $400. A quick calculation of the regular price of the consoles by the amount found during the raid puts that part of the operation at over $1.5 million. The security service also found many other devices so the operation had a lot of money put into it.

The PS4, including the Pro variant, remain a popular console around the world. They are no longer the latest console by Sony but the high demand of the PS5 has convinced people to get the older release while they wait. The lack of exclusives and releases has also convinced some people to wait since a lot of the same games can be played on the PS4.

At one point during the pandemic, many of these consoles were hard to find since people had more free time or were working at home. The consoles became a popular purchase during those tough times and they even sold out in some places.

The new console, the PS5, was released back in early November. But the high demand has made it near impossible to get one in retailers. The console has not been released in all markets either, making the wait even longer for those looking to get it.