Saturday, February 4, 2023

EA Play Has a Major Addition Coming This Month

In February, EA completed the acquisition of Codemasters, the game developer behind many racing games such as the F1 and Dirt series. Now, the company’s subscription service, EA Play, will be seeing some of those games. The addition also means that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be getting the titles since EA and Microsoft have a deal in place that offers the games at no charge for members.

EA’s Codemasters Acquisition Brings New Content to EA Play

The EA Play Twitter account tweeted on Aug. 2 that there are rewards for Apex Legends, Knockout City, and sports games such as Madden and FIFA. But the big piece of information on the tweet is found in the image. The image shows the rewards as well as three games that will be joining the lineup, Dirt 5, F1 2020, and Grid. This is interesting since these games are not that old.

F1 2021 was just released but the 2020 edition is still worth checking out, especially for those who have never played an F1 game. Dirt 5 was released for consoles such as the PS5 and is currently one of the few racing games that are available for that system, outside of the backwards compatible games. Grid is also another racing game worth checking out if you haven’t picked it up on sale.

Racing Section Gets a Boost

This is a huge announcement for EA Play since the service has slowly added games. The image appears to say they are coming this month so it won’t be long before the three are available to download and play.

This is also a huge announcement because EA Play does not have many racing games, especially on the PlayStation. The EA Play lineup on PC and Xbox is a lot longer than PlayStation, which already has a small list of racing games. The service currently offers racing games released over the years by EA, including Need for Speed (2015) and Need for Speed Heat.

What’s EA Play?

EA Play, available on platforms such as PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, offers a one month subscription for $4.99 or a whole year for $29.99. The lineup of games is one of the big highlights but the service does have a few other things that make it worth subscribing to. One of those things is the ten hour trials for the new releases. On top of that, users receive a 10 percent discount on in-game purchases for games such as Apex Legends and FIFA.



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