Ninja’s Twitch Viewership Saw a Big Drop Last Month

Twitch is currently one of the most popular streaming platforms out there, especially for gaming. Every day, thousands of people from around the world take the streaming site to show their gameplay, thoughts on the upcoming releases, and much more. But back then, things were a lot different.

Some years back, the platform was very popular for a number of streams, a lot of them involving Fortnite. One of the big names at the time was Ninja, who would regularly stream and impress everybody with his amazing plays and guests.

The site now has a ton of games fighting for popularity, including battle royale titles such as Apex Legends, Warzone, and much more. Fortnite continues to be extremely popular but for Ninja, the popularity appears to be going down. GameRant and others report that he lost 50 percent of his viewership last month.

Ninja is famously known for playing Epic’s battle royale game Fortnite. But the streamer appears to be enjoying other games. His viewership dropped to 3,600, which is still quite good for any regular streamer. But his numbers went up a lot when he played the battle royale game. His most successful streams last month actually came when he played Fortnite. The two times he played the game saw his viewer count go over 10,000.

Ninja has been focusing on other games, including Final Fantasy XI. The game, which is around 19 years old, saw him get a viewer count of 2,000. Once again, these numbers are not bad for a regular streamer but for Ninja they’re a bit low since he was setting all kinds of records at one point.

Early Fortnite Days

A few years back, the streamer was seeing viewer counts of more than 100,000. His big run in the early days of Fortnite instantly made him one of the most popular streamers out there. At one point, he even got his own skin in the battle royale game. He also went super viral when he played the game with artists such as Travis Scott and Drake.

GameRant points out the numbers have been on the decline for the famous streamer. The site points out that the report of the top ten streamers on the platform did not include Ninja.

Ninja is no stranger to losing popularity, back in 2019 he announced a shocking move to Mixer. Not everybody followed to the service but he was back on Twitch after it was announced that Mixer would shut down. His numbers were never the same after his return but he continued playing the battle royale game.

Not the First to Focus On Other Titles

Fortnite is four years old and several streamers have already stepped away from the game. Ninja’s streams of the battle royale game did well last month but it appears he is not enjoying the game as much.

Ninja isn’t the first to move on from a big game to focus on other titles. Several streamers have done the same and while some have lost numbers, many have explained they were no longer enjoying the game or simply got too tired of playing the same thing for many hours. Ninja’s drop last month may sound like really bad news but the famous streamer has made millions and still has a lot of popularity on the platform. There are several battle royale games and other titles coming up so there is plenty to play for Ninja and the many other streamers on Twitch.