Thursday, June 8, 2023

Apex Legends: Respawn Announces Removal of Controversial Movement Exploit

Respawn Entertainment have announced the removal of a movement exploit that had been on Apex Legends for a while. Tap strafing, a tactic that allows players to change trajectory midair while keeping momentum, will be gone from the game in a future update.

The announcement was made by the team hours ago but it didn’t take long for the replies and reddit threads to start showing up. Some players are not happy with the change while others have suggested ways the tactic could work for all.

A small number of players have also taken social media to complain about the change. The players point out that the team spent time changing up something that was not really a priority. Many say the team should have instead focused on fixing bigger issues that are currently making the experience very difficult. Among those is a glitch that puts Apex Legends music in the match.

The changes will be made on patch 10.1, which will likely come some time this month. Here is the reasoning mentioned on the Respawn tweet:

Our reasoning: It’s inaccessible, lacks readability/counterplay, and is exacerbated by movement abilities.

The announcement has also brought a ton of reactions from the pro players and streamers. Some were not surprised while others couldn’t believe that the removal had been announced.

The upcoming patch will not be the first to make big changes this season. Just days ago, the team dropped an update to make changes to its new character, Seer. The new Legend sparked controversy early on for having many abilities that would dominate in battle. Seer’s abilities have been reduced and the pick rate for the Legend has reportedly dropped since.

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