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WhatsApp – 5 Little Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging services out there, allowing users to make group chats, calls, video calls, and much more. The service has been around for some time now but there are little features that require some extra searching and clicks on your smartphone to access them. Here are 5 WhatsApp little features you probably didn’t know about:

Message Read By

One of WhatsApp’s biggest features is group chat. The feature allows users to easily communicate, send videos, share social media stuff, and much more. But group chats can get a little confusing, especially if there are many users chatting at once. Sometimes we send a message to one or two people in the chat and we want to know if they’ve seen it. There’s a way to do just that by highlighting the text that’s posted on the chat and then going to the three dots on the top right. After that, select the Info option and it will take you to a list of the users that have seen/read the message.

Mention Users

WhatsApp has a way of mentioning people, similar to Twitter. If you’re in a group with someone, you can type the @ symbol and select the contact’s name from the list. They will be notified of the mention.

Change Wallpaper

You can easily change the background of your chats by going to the three dots on the top right and then Settings. Once there, select Chats and it will take you to a screen where you can change the Theme and Wallpaper.

Chat History

You probably knew that the service has an option where you can look for the history. But the Chat History option has more than that. The feature can be found on the same screen where you can change your wallpaper and theme. Once there, select the Chat History option and it will take you to another screen where you can do a few things. One of the options allows users to export chats while another allows them to archive all chats.

Clear Chats

Group chats can bring a lot of photos, videos, and other things to your storage. If your group or groups are very active, your phone will likely get a ton of stuff saved on its storage. This can be a problem for smartphones that don’t have a lot of storage. But there is a way to keep the stuff shared on the groups from piling up. You can go to your group chat, select the three dots on the top right, and then the More option. You then select Clear chat and that will get rid of everything that’s been said on the chat. On top of that, the option will ask you if you want to remove everything that’s been shared in the group, saving you the time of going to the phone’s gallery or storage section to delete all photos, videos, gifs, and everything shared in it.


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