PlayStation 5 – Five Little Features That Make Things Easier

The PlayStation 5 is the latest from Sony and while there are many similarities to the PS4, there are some things that make the experience a little different. The gaming system has things such as quick saving of clips and much more. Here are five little features that make things easier on the PS5:

Quick Streaming

Streaming can be done in many ways but the PS5 has a quick way of sharing what you’re playing. The share button on the top left of the controller offers a number of options, including the broadcast of gameplay. The feature is also available on the PS4 but the PS5 is much quicker on the menu.

Saving of Videos

The PS5 offers the options to save videos almost right away. Pressing the same button as the streaming one will bring up an option to save a video. The option will also ask how long the video will be, allowing you to select 15 minutes or more. The feature is available on the PS4 as well but the difference here is that the console is much quicker and also displays a preview of what the video is about. The videos can also be posted on YouTube and Twitter.


Trophies are a big part of the PS experience, with many users going for the Platinum and rewards that some titles give out for completing the games all the way. The trophy system is similar to the PS4. But the PS5 offers a little more when completing the games. Every trophy unlock saves a video of the moment. The videos take up space on the storage but this feature is a good one for trophy hunters.

Transferring Data From PS4 To PS5

Moving from a PS4 to a PS5 is pretty easy due to a feature that transfers everything in minutes. The setting can be done when turning on the PS5 for the first time but it can also be done through settings. The option requests for the systems to be connected for the data transfer. The transfer time depends on the amount of data and way of connecting the system, Wi-Fi or wired.

Saving PS5 Titles and PS Plus Collection

The PS Plus free games of the month can be saved for later use. The lineup offers three games most of the time but only one of those is for the PS5. Those who don’t have a PS5 can save the PS5 only titles by simply visiting the PS App or web version. The titles can be accessed once users get a PS5. Buying a PS5 also means spending a lot of money and some times buying a game or two can be too much. But this release offers a little extra for new buyers, the PS Plus Collection. The collection can be accessed by being a member and having the new console. The games can be saved and downloaded at any time, just like the PS Plus free games for the month.