Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Sony Declined a Reboot of Syphon Filter

Reboots are quite common but some ideas never end up happening. That is the case of Syphon Filter, a game that was last seen on the PS2 and PSP.

PlayStation Lifestyle reports that Former Bend Studio Head Jeff Ross revealed that Sony themselves were interested in a reboot of the franchise. The idea was suggested along with a return of Resistance. Resistance was last seen on the PS3 and this idea was for an open world game.

The Syphon Filter reboot had no ideas when it was brought up, according to the report. The company later declined both returns. The official adds that the company was the one who suggested the reboot.

Syphon Filter was quite popular in the PS1 days and while it did not have the same success on the PS2, the PSP saw some nice releases. The series is among the many that gamers would like to see return at some point. Other series such as Twisted Metal and Resistance, the other idea brought up by the official, have gone without releases for years now.

The reboot has been declined according to the official. But this does not mean that we won’t ever see one. In the past, several franchises have taken their time for a new game or reboot. We’ve seen titles such as Crash Bandicoot and MediEvil arrive to recent consoles with remakes and brand new releases.

Resistance is much more recent than Syphon Filter. The series debuted with the PS3 and saw three releases on that console. The games are highly remembered for their single player campaigns as well as their multiplayer modes.

We’ll keep you updated when there is more info on remasters, remakes and reboots.


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