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2023 Super Bowl Odds: Early Look

The Super Bowl was held just a few days ago but there’s already talk about next season. Among the topics is the teams that are favorites to win it all next season and those expected to not have a great season. 2023 Super Bowl odds (from Draftkings) have just been revealed and they include teams that have been quite good in recent years as well as some that are looking to get back in the big game after many years. Here are the most recent odds:

Kansas City Chiefs +700
Buffalo Bills +700
Los Angeles Rams +1000
Cincinnati Bengals +1200
Dallas Cowboys +1400
San Francisco 49ers +1400
Green Bay Packers +1600
Baltimore Ravens +1800
Denver Broncos +1800
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2200
Tennessee Titans +2200
New England Patriots +2500
Los Angeles Chargers +2500
Arizona Cardinals +2500
Indianapolis Colts +2500
Minnesota Vikings +3500
Cleveland Browns +3500
Seattle Seahawks +3500
New Orleans Saints +3500
Pittsburgh Steelers +4000
Miami Dolphins +4000
Philadelphia Eagles +4000
Las Vegas Raiders +5000
Washington Commanders +5000
Atlanta Falcons +5000
Carolina Panthers +5000
Chicago Bears +6500
New York Giants +6500
Jacksonville Jaguars +8000
Detroit Lions +15000
New York Jets +15000
Houston Texans +15000

As we can see, the Chiefs and Bills lead the odds for next year’s big game. The Chiefs made back to back Super Bowls before this season and still have talent to return. Kansas City also made it to the Championship game and appeared to be on their way to the Super Bowl before the Bengals came back in a big second half.

The Bills have not made it to the Super Bowl in recent years but the team has plenty of talent. Allen has pulled off big wins in the playoffs and regular season so the Bills being at the top of the Super Bowl odds is no surprise.

The current Super Bowl Champions Los Angeles Rams are third on the list. They’ll have part of their team back but they also have a couple of free agents that will likely get attention from other teams.

The Bengals are fourth on the list after a big season that led them all the way to the Super Bowl. With talent such as Burrow and Chase, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them make noise in the playoffs next season.

The Dallas Cowboys are in the top five, despite not being in a Super Bowl since 1995. The team has plenty of talent on both sides of the field and while things didn’t go well in the playoffs this season, the loaded roster makes them favorites to be in the big game next year.

The bottom of the list has the Jets and Texans. New York has a young QB but the team has struggled for a while and they need big pieces to get back in the mix. Houston will need big pieces as well, which could come with the players and picks they receive if they decide to trade Watson. He is among the quarterbacks that might be moved in the near future.

What do you think about the recent odds? Which teams do you think will surprise next season? Which teams do you think will disappoint? Let us know in the comments.



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