Sunday, May 28, 2023

UEFA Moves Champions League Final To Paris

UEFA has decided that May’s Champions League final will take place in Paris. The decision comes in response to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

The move was confirmed on Friday after a meeting between the executive committee. The famous tournament returned earlier this month with the knockout stage. The final was scheduled to take place at the Gazprom Arena on May 28.

The final will now take place at Stade de France. The tournament recently returned and there is plenty left. But the recent crisis forced the football governing body of Europe to make a decision.

Here is the statement on the decision to move the tournament (from The Guardian):

“Uefa wishes to express its thanks and appreciation to French Republic president Emmanuel Macron for his personal support and commitment to have European club football’s most prestigious game moved to France at a time of unparalleled crisis.”

“Together with the French government, Uefa will fully support multi-stakeholder efforts to ensure the provision of rescue for football players and their families in Ukraine who face dire human suffering, destruction and displacement.”

UEFA has also decided that teams from both countries will play home games at neutral venues.



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