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The 5 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Your 2019 Sales Strategy

Shopify can be a convenient way of managing your eCommerce business, but today let’s talk about how we can maximize this convenient platform and transform your business towards its greater potential. Through the use of shopify plugins, you can transform your business strategies for boosting sales to be more effective and have greater return on investment.

Transforming Sales Strategies

The trend in 2019 for eCommerce sales strategies has mostly been towards using plugins or apps that make your business operations more efficient. With the numerous businesses trying to sell on Shopify, it’s no wonder that some have focused on optimizing their store in order to gain a comparative advantage over their competition.

But how do we optimize these aspects and create better sales strategies? The answer is that there is no single solution, but we can start with making your operations have greater ROI. One of the basic tricks used by marketers on Shopify is to use plugins or apps that help automate part of the operations so that you’ll need fewer resources for managing your business. There are also some apps that provide you a report of what happens in your store and what issues you’ll need to urgently fix.

Shopify Apps that Help Add Value to your Store

Now that we know where to start, let’s talk about which apps you’ll need. There are so many aspects of your store that you can optimize, so we’ll focus on the apps that do not only make life easier but also help you achieve higher ROI and sales. Not all apps are made equal, and here are the top 5 apps that bring in more value to your eCommerce business.

1. Omnisend


Email marketing is one of the highest priorities when you need to optimize your eCommerce store. You’ll be able to sustain and attract potential income if you’re able to incorporate email marketing into your Shopify store. Omnisend automates email marketing for you and provides you insights on how you can further improve your email campaigns for higher sales. The best part about Omnisend is that it goes beyond the simple functions of an automation tool. Instead, it provides you with the opportunity for omnichannel marketing which can make your Shopify store more popular among shoppers.

2. SEO Manager


Another important step for driving sales is to increase traffic, and here’s where SEO becomes an important factor. You want your page to be at the top of search results, but it isn’t always easy when you have so many pages. SEO Manager helps you fix these issues and also guides you towards the top of the page rankings which can help you increase your website visitors. Being at the top of page rankings and having more frequent visitors makes it easier for your store to sell to the market since these optimizations will make your store more popular.

3. Justuno


Having a lot of visitors isn’t the end of your optimizations. You’ll also need to convert these frequent visitors into actual buyers. The trick here is to use Justuno which provides you with tried and tested call to actions that divert visitors into products they might be interested in. By moving visitors one step closer to your products, you’ll have more opportunities to sell to the interested visitors you’ve invited into your store.



Nothing lasts forever, including the number of loyal customers you have. How do you fix this issue? You can use to help you integrate VIP bonuses for your loyal customers. When there’s a good incentive for customers to stay, you can expect them to patronize your store and continue shopping for more rewards. As a result, you’ll have continued sales from frequent and loyal customers throughout the year.

5. Loox


Last but not the least; you’ll also need to have a review system so that visitors and customers know the hottest products in your store. Loox gives you an edge by allowing photos of actual products to be posted on the app together with your customer’s review. All it takes is to have convincing reviews from actual buyers so that other customers may know what’s good in your store.


There are many Shopify apps to choose from, but we’ve highlighted some of the best apps that can help you earn more sales and develop your business strategy. Using Shopify apps is a simple but effective strategy that can help optimize use of resources and save time in the process.

There’s no app that does everything for you, but with the proper combination of apps, you can have a set of plugins that will simplify how you use Shopify and help you earn more sales.

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