Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Apple Now Selling HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottles

The HydrateSpark Pro Smart Water Bottle is now available at Apple stores—both online and retail locations. Available in two different colors, it allows users to track their water intake and sync it to Apple Health.

Featuring an LED puck, the bottle will automatically sense your water consumption and transmit the data to your phone via Bluetooth. Not only does the puck light up, but its colors are also customizable. For example, you can set it to a certain color or pattern to remind you to take a sip of water throughout the water. Just use the GlowStudio function on the HidrateSpark app!

The LED smart sensor puck will glow to remind you when it’s time for a sip

To charge the puck, remove it from the bottom of the bottle and attach the magnetic end to the charging cable. While it’s charging, the LED light will pulse with a green light. Once it’s fully charged, it’ll remain solid green (this can take up to a few hours).

Vacuum-insulated, the water bottle holds up to 32-ounce of liquid and comes with both straw and chug lids. It’s also vacuum-insulated; it can keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and you won’t have to worry about any sweating. And like most water bottles nowadays, it’s BPA free (including the lid).

In terms of washing, the vacuum-insulated bottle is dishwasher-safe. The LED puck, however, should be cleaned with a damp cloth; it should never be submerged in water (due to its electrical components).

The steel version of the HidrateSpark Pro is available in two different colors: silver and black

There are two models of the Hydrate Spark Pro Water bottle: one that’s made of steel (available in silver and black) and one that’s made of plastic sea glass (available in green and black). The former has a higher capacity (32 ounces vs 24 ounces) while the latter is cheaper and lighter. Both types, however, include the LED sensor puck at the bottom and come with the same straw and chug lids. They’re also BPA-free.

Not only can you sync it with Apple Health, but there’s also the HidrateSpark app, which offers a variety of features. For example, you can compete with friends in hydration challenges and earn trophies.

And you won’t have to worry about losing your bottle because the app comes with a handy ‘Find My Bottle’ feature. Simply go to your profile, click on bottles and map and you’ll be able to see the last location where your device was paired with the bottle. That way, you can easily go back and get it!

You can use the Find My Bottle feature on the HidrateSpark app to see where your bottle was last synced with your device

For those who are interested, the HydrateSpark Pro Steel Smart Water Bottle is available for $79.95 while the Hydrate Spark Pro Smart Water Bottle (Plastic Sea Glass) is available for $59.95. Additional colors are available from HidrateSpark’s official website.

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