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Dodocool USB-C Hub Multiport Adapter Review

It is very seldom that I review Mac products. The last one I did was that  amazing little carrying case that increases the ports on the latest Mac models that lack them. This is a bit like that, only far easier to carry around. Dodocool have been making some very nice peripherals for a while now, and the USB-C multi-port adapter is certainly among their best looking builds. It addresses a real need in the Mac market right now as well, bringing more ports to the MacBook Pro et al. I still use an old 2012 MacBook Pro though, so I have neither the problem nor the require ports to plug this thing in, but I was able to source one just to see how it works. Works pretty well as it turns out.

Dodocool USB-C Hub Multiport Adapter Design and Build Quality

When it comes to designing add-ons for the Mac market a firm has to pay close attention to the look of the thing. Mac is at least 40% Aesthetic, with the remaining 60% being music software and intuitive UI design. These days we see the Aluminum look, and thankfully Dodocool have gone for a similar finish on this. There are actually two color options, but both look very nice with the 2016 MacBook, so it doesn’t really matter which one you buy. The Silver is a little nicer, but again, up to you. All that said, I do not like the look of this build. The MacBook product line is supposed to be sleek, svelte, gorgeous, and they are, but this looks like a tumor when plugged in. A necessary tumor, but we are talking form, not function.

In terms of function it works like a dream. It brings those much needed sockets back to the current generation. All you gotta do is plug in the two USB-C ports in and you get a whole host of other things in exchange, a pair of USB 3.1 ports, TF Card, SD Card and two more USB type C ports to replace the ones you had to use to plug it in in the first place. Not bad overall. It also charges your Book a bit too, not by much, get about an hour of charge out of it, but that is a lovely little emergency feature, didn’t get to check it out though.

The build is pretty light, which is to its credit. I might like a bit of heft to my electronics, but when it comes to an add on that you will likely have to carry with you, the lighter the better. Beyond that there isn’t much else to say. The look is lovely when you see it in a vacuum, but when you plug it into a MacBook instead it becomes a touch unsightly. Doesn’t stop it from doing its job though, and the new ports are likely to be a welcome addition to anyone who is thinking of upgrading their MacBook. The added charging bonus is just that, a quick boost for emergencies.

Overall, a well put together product, with only a minor issue.

Dodocool USB-C Hub Multiport Adapter Pricing and Warranty

The price for me is the be all and end all. the last time I reviewed a product in this niche it was sitting in the $200 price point, but this one sits at $55.99. That price is excellent. There are a number of companies jumping to offer their solution to the perceived weakness of the new MacBook designs, but this one is the lightest, most robust in terms of features and cheapest on the market, making it a winner in my book.

Always nice to have warranty options, and here not only to we get a fairly basic 12 month limited warranty from the Dodocool, but we also have the fact that this is an Amazon FBA company. It means that the consumer protection policies offered by Amazon apply, and they have some of the best on the market. If you have an issue with the dongle you can go through Dodocool, or get Amazon to do that for you, and they will get the answer you want. Overall, it allows us as consumers to feel safer in out purchases.

Not a bad price at all. As stated, most of the other options on the market cannot match this in terms of quality, and the price here is very competitive. Seen as Apple are more interested in single transfer cables, I advise you go third party in general.

Dodocool USB-C Hub Multiport Adapter Conclusion

This was a nice surprise. I do not know what Apple were thinking when they eliminated so many ports in the more recent MacBook models. It means that, from my perspective, the most recent MacBook Pro is just a name, no longer is it a laptop for professionals. A shame, for as bad as they are for gaming, they are wonderful pieces of work hardware. If you bought the latest and greatest Apple has to offer you are going to want a converter like this one at the very least in order to get the most out of it. As stated, there are a few others online that work well enough, but this one is my favorite.

To check out the current pricing and all the available deals click here.

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