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Domen Prevc Snapchat Username – 2018 Profile ID

Domen Prevc is a ski jumper from Slovenia. He is the third brother from his family to compete on a national level in ski jumping. He has won four different World Cup events since 2016.

How Domen Prevc Got Famous

Domen was born on June 4, 1999, in Kranj, Slovenia. His two older brothers, Peter and Cene, are both still active ski jumpers. They inspired Domen to follow in their footsteps. The brothers also have two sisters. They are currently living with their parents in the settlement of Dolenja Vas, which is a village in the north-west area of Slovenia. The boys’ interest doesn’t come from no. Their father, Bozidar Prevc, is a referee on an international basis for ski jumping.

Domen had his first competition in the summer of 2014 at the Continental Cup in his birth town of Kranj. He must’ve been nervous because he only ranked 35th place it only took him a day to recover, however, and he took eighth place just the next day. He worked his way up to first place in local competitions, and that he was eligible to compete in the World Cup. In 2015, he took second place and stood on the podium along with his brother Peter who took first place. He won his first event at the World Cup on November 25, 2016.

Domen Prevc Snapchat Username –d0menp

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Domen Prevc Other Social Media Accounts

What is Domen Prevc‘s Personal Facebook?

Much of Domen’s Facebook content is related to his ski jumping career or his home country of Slovenia. He is not a frequent poster, and often goes months without adding new content for his 27,308 followers.

What is Domen Prevc‘s Instagram name?

He has only posted 34 times on Instagram since creating his account in November 2015. His 37.5 thousand followers are treated to shots of Domen on snowy mountains or posing with his brand new yellow and black Ford.

What is Domen Prevc‘s Twitter name?

Domen made his Twitter account in July 2015. He has the official blue checkmark, but only 2,813. There is no original content – he mostly chooses to use it as an aggregator for his other social media accounts.

What is Domen Prevc’s Kik Username or Code?


What is Domen Prevc‘s YouTube Page?

Domen does not have his own Youtube channel. Still, footage of his most famous competitions is available in other feeds. One such video refers to Domen as the “Flying teenager from Slovenia.”

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