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Eddie Edwards Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Eddie Edwards, whose real name is Eric Maher, is part of the production group Impact Wrestling as a professional wrestler from America. He is also known for being a World Champion, and the first winner of the ROH Triple Crown.

How Eddie Edwards Got Famous

The wrestler was born as Eric Maher on December 30, 1983, in Boston Massachusetts. He is also been known by the stage name John Cahill. He entered into wrestling in 2002 by competing in independent competitions such as the Millennium Wrestling Federation and the New England Championship Wrestling. Eddie held the title of MWS Television Champion for 2 1/2 years before losing it in a three-way match to fellow wrestler Tommaso Ciampa.

Most recently, Eddie made the news for being in a wrestling stunt gone wrong. The person he was fighting with, Sami Callihan, accidentally actually hit him in the face with a baseball bat, breaking his eye socket. It was intended to only be a stunt.

Eddie Edwards Snapchat Name – Impactwrestling

Eddie does not have his own Snapchat account. Eddie briefly used Snapchat under the handle impact wrestling with his wife when they took over their production company’s Snapchat account on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Afterward, the wrestler posted on his Twitter account that he’d felt like he’d wasted that hour posting silly videos.

Eddie Edwards Other Social Media Accounts

Eddie Edwards Personal Facebook Account

Eddie does not have a personal or professional Facebook. He only uses his Twitter account.

Eddie Edwards Twitter Username

Eddie famously only uses a Twitter account when it comes to social media. He declared that if his fans saw an account with his name on it on any other platform, that it was a fake. He is followed by 80,507 fans who are treated to updates on his wrestling, and occasionally they get personal video messages. Eddie is an avid supporter of the Alzheimer Associations efforts to purge the world of the terrible disease, and he urges his fans to support the charity as well.

Eddie Edwards Instagram Username

He does not have an Instagram account.

Eddie Edwards Kik Username 

Eddie is not big on social media, and Kik is no exception. He does not have a Kik username.

Eddie Edwards Youtube Username

While Eddie does not have his own YouTube channel, you can still see many videos of him on the Impact Wrestling channel, as well as other platforms.

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