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Ellen Degeneres Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Not only is Ellen Degeneres a world-class comedian, but she is also an actress, television host, producer, and writer. Born on January 25, 1958, in Metairie, Louisiana, she is the daughter of Elliott Everett, an insurance agent and Betty Degeneres, a speech therapist. After her parents’ divorce, she moved to live with her mother in Atlanta, Texas. In an episode of her of talk show, it was revealed that she is actually the fiftieth cousin to the Duchess of Cambridge via Thomas Fairfaxーa shared common ancestor. Openly gay, she is the wife of Portia de Rossi and is also an huge advocate for LGBT rights.

How Ellen Degeneres Got Famous

Known for her quirky sense of humour, the Louisiana-native first started to perform stand-up at local coffee houses and small clubs in the late 1970’s. Citing Steve Martin and Woody Allen as two of her biggest influences, she eventually began touring the country by the early 1980’s. By 1982, she was deemed as the “Funniest Person in America” by Showtime. Gradually rising in fame, she later started to make regular appearances in various talk shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Later with Grey Kinnear, and The Late Show with David Letterman.

However it wasn’t until she landed her own Primetime sitcom, Ellen, that her popularity began to soar through the roof. Despite her rise in prominence at the time however, her show soon sparked controversy after her on-screen character became the first protagonist ins sitcom history to acknowledge homosexuality on the air. Despite this, she persevered and was eventually given her first Emmy Award.

Returning to the small screen in 2003, five years after the cancellation of the sitcom, she quickly gained a following with a self-titled talk show called Ellen: The Ellen Degeneres Talk Show, which remains hugely popular to this date. To put its popularity into perspective, the series has won a total of 75 awards throughout its runーover sixty of which are Primetime Emmy Awards.

Ellen: The Ellen Degeneres Talk Show

Originally debuted on September 8, 2003, Ellen Degeneres: The Ellen Degeneres Show remains to be one of the most widely-watched shows on television. Since it first hit the screens, well over 2000 episodes have been broadcasted. Aside from invited celebrity guests, it also features various comedic elements and human-interest stories. Known for her generosity, audience members on set are also often given free gifts and prizesーespecially during Ellen’s Twelve Days of Giveaways events.

Some of the most popular recurring segments of her show include: Oh Puh-lice, What’s Wrong With These Photos?, In your FACEbook, Classic Joke Thursday, Why I Don’t Have Kids, amongst many others. On top of this, Ellen is also known for her monologues and playing games with her audience members. Dancing is also a regular occurrence on the showーin fact, it’s not uncommon for the comedian to range her way into the audience.

Ellen Degeneres’ Other Endeavors

Degeneres has an entire line of home products known as “ED by Ellen”. Available for purchase online, the store sells a variety of products from clothing, bedding, shoes and home decor. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the comedian to promote her items on her talk showーor in some cases, give them away.

In the summer of 2010, she also started her own recording label called “eleveneleven”. Regarding its peculiar name, Degeneres explained that she chose it because she often sees the numbers
“11:11” in everyday life such as when she looks at the clock. American singer, Greyson Chance was the first to sign under the label. Since then, Jessica Simpson, Savannah Robinson, and Charlie Puth have also been signed on.

A multi-talented woman, Degeneres is also an award-winning voice actress who is best known for her portrayal of Dory, a fish with short-term memory loss from Pixar’s animated film, Finding Nemo (2003). Recently, she reprised her role in the highly anticipated sequel, Finding Dory (2016). 

Ellen Degeneres’ Romantic Life

Shortly after coming out as lesbian in 1997, she began a romantic relationship with Anne Heche; after three years, the couple went their separate ways in August 2000. Afterwards, she began dating actress Alenxandra Hedisonーthe relationship ultimately ended after four years.

Since 2004, Degeneres has been together with actress Portia de Rossi. After the legalization of same-sex marriage in California, the two became engaged; they later tied the knot in their Beverly Hills home on August 16, 2008. Noted for their desire not to have children, they live together with their three cats and four dogs. Two years after their marriage, de Rossi filed to legally change her surname to include Degeneres.

Ellen Degeneres Snapchat Username: TheEllenShow


If you’d like to add the renowned comedian onto your Snapchat account, you can do so by clicking here.

Ellen Degeneres’ Other Social Media Accounts

Lucky for us fans, Degeneres is an avid user of social mediaーnot only is she active on Snapchat, but you can also find her across multiple platforms. We’ve compiled a list of all of her known accounts below:

What is Ellen Degeneres’ Facebook Page: While you won’t be able to add her personally on Facebook, you can easily follow her on her official Facebook Pageー where she has well over 25,000,000 likes!

What is Ellen Degeneres’ Instagram account? Her Instagram username is the same as what she uses for Snapchatーyou can find her @theellenshow. She has a whopping 38.5 million followers, that’s triple that of Barack Obama’s!

What is Ellen Degeneres’ Twitter account? By now, you’ve probably guessed itーyes, her Twitter username is @theellenshow. If you’re a fan, you’ve probably seen her Twitter-breaking selfie that has since earned over 3.3 million retweets and 2.2 million likes.

What is Ellen Degeneres’ kik account? As far as we know, Degeneres does not have a kik account as of January 2017. We will update this section should she ever decide to take the plungeーso stay tuned!

Ellen Degeneres’ Youtube Channel: Degeneres has an official Youtube channel where you can see video clips from her talk show, you can visit it at: Did you know that her channel is the 14th most subscribed on the video streaming website?

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