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Javier Fernandez Snapchat Username & Snapcode

A Spanish figure skater, Javier Fernandez has accomplished numerous feats throughout his career. In fact, just recently, he won a bronze medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Previously, he has also won the European Championships and World Championships multiple times.

Born and raised in Spain, he followed his older sister to the ice rink when he was six years old. Though he initially played other sports, he eventually chose to focus on skating at the age of six. By the time he was twelve, he had landed his first triple jump.

How Javier Fernandez Became Famous

Javier Fernandez gained a significant amount of attention after winning the 2013 European Championships. On a winning streak, he has since defended his title for five consecutive years; most recently, he won his sixth gold medal at the 2018 European Championships in Moscow.

On the international level, he started to garner attention in the mid to late 2010’s, after winning a medal at the 2013 World Championships. From there, he eventually won his first World Title in 2015, after finishing first in Shanghai. Since then, he has won another gold medal at the 2016 Championships in Boston.

Javier Fernandez at the Winter Olympics

Earlier this year, Fernandez was named to the Spanish Figure Skating Club for the 2018 Winter Games. A crowd favorite in PyeongChang, he went on to finish third for an Olympic bronze medal in the men’s singles event. With that, his popularity soared even further.

Though he has not retired from the sport entirely, he has confirmed that he would no longer be participating in the Olympics or World Championships in the future.

Awards Won by Javier Fernandez

An exceptional athlete, he has won numerous awards throughout his career. For instance, he was given the Outstanding Athlete of the Year award from the Spanish Olympic Committee in 2014.

Javier Fernandez’s Snapchat Name – N/A

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Javier Fernandez has a public Snapchat account at this time. How about following him on other social media platforms in the meantime?

Javier Fernandez’s Other Social Media Accounts

What is Javier Fernandez’s Personal Facebook?

You can check out Javier Fernandez’s Facebook fan page by clicking here

What is Javier Fernandez’s Twitter?

Want to know what he’s up to? Follow the Olympic skater on Twitter here

What is Javier Fernandez’s Instagram?

If you’re interested in his photo feed, head on over to his Instagram account here

What is Javier Fernandez’s Youtube?

From what we can tell, Javier Fernandez does not have his own YouTube channel

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