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Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme Vs Novosbed – 2018 Comparison & Reviews

With a new product under my belt it is time to start comparing it to the competition. The Novosbed is another three tiered foam design, but with a twist. They have been able to manage the heat retention of memory foam in a unique way, allowing for a more ergonomic design. I’ll be pitting them against Keetsa’s flagship foam mattress, the Tea Leaf Supreme. That too use a three tiered set up, and they deal with that heat build it in an interesting way. Keetsa occupy an interesting niche in the direct to consumer market, with their focus on Eco-friendly designs, but they haven’t made the transition into an exclusively online firm just yet. That comes through in a variety of places, and may well cost them in this comparison. So which mattress is better? Read on for the full review.

Company Vs Company – Novosbed Vs Keetsa

Novosbed are a relative new comer to the market, having been founded in 2009. Their core focus was to remove the unpleasant aspects of buying a mattress from a retail store, and to improve of the customer support. They did that wonderfully, buying is quick and simple, and their returns policy and warranty are some of the best in the business. In addition they make sure that all returned mattresses are donated to a good cause. Keetsa go that little bit further though. While they straddle the line between direct to consumer and showroom, they still provide excellent customer support and while I haven’t been able to find out what happens to the returned mattresses, I do know that they have a particular focus on the materials used. They strive to provide a product that is as sustainable as possible and Eco-friendly. I’ll go into the materials they use to accomplish this in a moment. All in all that green push from the company is commendable, and gives them an early lead.

Winner – Keetsa

Novosbed Vs Keetsa Mattress Build Quality and Materials

novosbed-product-19BLet’s start at the top, shall we? The topper materials from both of these companies are interesting and aimed at different parts of the market. The Keetsa uses a hemp-blend, in keeping with their environmental focus. The material is very hard wearing, difficult to damage, and wonderfully porous. It does come with a small caveat, in that it tends to absorb moisture very well, so depending on how humid your bedroom is you may have a problem. The Novosbed goes for synthetic blends, and wow is there a lot of different materials making up their cover. The cover is separated into two parts, a soft more breathable top combined with a less soft extremely durable side. The top is a poly-silica-modacrylic-Tencel, try saying that three times fast. IN all it creates the bets of both worlds, making a breathable and comfortable topper with the durability you see in more expensive all in one materials. The Novosbed comes off very easily too, great for cleaning up after accidents. Overall I think they both have their niche, but if you aren’t as concerned with your impact on the environment then the Novosbed offers the better material.

Winner – Novosbed

tea leaf supremeOn the inside we see two pretty similar designs. They are both three tiers of foam, as is industry standard, with the support layer topped with two unique memory foam layers. The Novosbed has three variants though, Soft, Medium and Firm, with each having a slightly different composition. The medium and firm have 7″ of support foam topped with two 2″ layers of memory foam. The foam is more dense than most, and when combined with the aerated design, leads to excellent heat dissipation, while maintaining a comfortable contour. For the firm the topmost layer of memory foam is less dense, meaning you hit the support foam faster, leading to a firmer bed. The Soft option is a little different. It has 6″ of support foam, three inches of dense memory foam then 2″ of gel infused memory foam, the thicker middle layer necessitates the added cooling of the gel.

The Tea Leaf Supreme is a much firmer experience. At base we have 8″ of support foam, more than most, and this is topped with three inches of Biofoam. Biofoam is an interesting twist on regular memory foam. Rather than using 100% petroleum to make their foam, they cut it with castor bean oil. The oil blend has been dialed in so as to match comfort with normal memory foam, while reducing the environmental impact. Clever stuff. The top layer is more Biofoam, but quilted for added comfort. There is the minor issue of heat retention though.

Novosbed Vs Keetsa Overall Review

Both of these mattresses use double memory foam and a solid base. But with more options coming from Novosbed, in addition to their clever heat solutions, Keetsa falls just a little bit short. There is a market for the bed, those consumers who worry about their impact on the environment, but it has to be stated that Biofoam is still using petroleum products. I have no doubt that Keetsa R&D team are cooking up better and better versions of it as we speak, but the tech is not there yet. With a better overall mattress and, as you shall soon see, at a much lower price point, I think Novosbed wins this section too.

Winner – Novosbed

Keetsa Vs Novosbed – Pricing & Returns Policy

Here’s where the battle is lost for Keetsa. It seems to me that no matter how amazing your product is it has to be priced competitively. If other retailers can match you quality and undercut your price so drastically, then it may be time to rethink a few things. Granted, Keetsa maintain a few classy show rooms, but I’m of the opinion that that kind of mattress business model is on the way out, or at least the market will shrink even more drastically in the coming years. They do offer a 5% discount, but even that won’t make much of a dent, or bring it anywhere near the Novosbed. Novosbed offer a discount too. $100 off all their mattresses. Not sure how long that will last, but it brings the prices down a fair bit. In addition they offer the comfort+ system for free.

SizeNovosbedKeetsa Tea Leaf Supreme
Cal King$1299$1888.95


The comfort+ system is a unique concept from Novosbed, and I am in love with it. If you are unhappy with their bed they will first offer you the comfort+. You will then receive a half dozen mattress toppers that slot right into the mattress, sitting flush, so you can dial in your comfort levels. All companies should do this, but sadly they do not. If you still don’t like your bed you get a full refund. But their 3% returns rate, when the industry standard is 10%, tells me they are on to something here.

When it comes to the trial period both companies offer a surprising amount of time. Keetsa offer a full 90 days, with the caveat that you test it out for thirty. Plenty of time to acclimate and make sure you want to keep the bed. Novosbed offer 100 days, but in all honesty I’m sure you’ll know if you’re keeping the thing within a month, so these figures are functionally the same. A good long warranty can be worth its weight in gold, and Novosbed beat our Keetsa by five years, with a 15 years to Keetsa’s 10. Both are great, but considering the average life of a mattress is ten years, those five are bound to be worth something. Novosbed is only seven years old though, we do not know if the company will stand the test of time, but I think it will.

With a longer trial period, cheaper price, slightly longer warranty and their wonderful Comfort+ system, Novosbed neatly wipes the floor with the Tea Leaf Supreme in this section.

Winner – Novosbed

Keetsa Vs Novosbed – Conclusion

Overall I think this is an easy one to call. It is true that with their focus on Eco-friendly designs and sustainable materials that Keetsa are a commendable company. But the price they charge just doesn’t compete with the direct to consumer market. Novosbed offer more variety, without changing the price, more comfort, better perks, in their comfort+ system, and a slightly longer trial period and warranty. An easy call, Novosbed is the better purchase at the moment.

Overall Winner – Novosbed

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Keetsa Coupon Codes for 2016

We also tracked down links for discounted prices on all the Keetsa mattresses.

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The Frame by Keetsa. “KEETSA5POFFTHEFRAME”

Bedding Add-Ons

Mattress Protector – As is usual I like to take the time to remind everyone of a few important things you need to buy alongside your new mattress. Everyone knows to get a duvet and a pillow, so I gloss over those, but everyone should know to get a mattress protector. A mattress protector will guard against spill, accidents, fire, rain, snow, pretty much everything short of a gun. You really should get one, especially if you want to take advantage of that extended warranty. I got myself a SafeRest, because someone else told me it was good. Turns out it is, and now I’m recommending it to you. If you click the link you’ll be able to get a small discount too.

Sheets – Like blankets and pillows, I’m sure you know to get a sheet, no one wants to be sprawled out over a bed without a sheet, it’s uncomfortable, unless you have a Saatva. The right kind of sheet is important though, and I insist that you spend a little extra and get a high thread count cotton sheet. I picked up a pack a few weeks back, and they are wonderful. These are the ones I bought, 1500 Thread Count Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Egyptian Cotton Sheet,  and I cannot recommend them enough, really does transform your sleeping experience.


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  1. Keetsa is made in China, they are not eco friendly, they are 100% petroleum based foam the sprinkle in some element found in green tea and ship it from China. Please tell me how that makes them ecofriendly? They are the only online start up from China, all the others are made in the USA so why not promote those that truly are eco friendly and not greenwashed? Or did you not do your due diligence?


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