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Lara Gut Snapchat Username & Snapcode in 2018

Lara Gut competes as an alpine ski racer, specializing in speed events such as Super G and Downhill. The Swedish skier has competed in several World Cups and won the gold medal in 2009. She also competed in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, as well as the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. During the 2018 Olympics, she embarrassingly skied straight into a photographer, knocking both of them down. They were both fine, but it’s safe to say that she did not place in that event.

How Lara Gut Got Famous

Lara was born on April 27, 1991, in Sorengo, Ticino, Switzerland. Over the course of her childhood, she learned how to speak French, German, Italian, English, and Spanish. When she was 15, she participated for the first time in the race for the International Ski Federation. Her career began in December 2006 with that race and she continued to go on to win the World Cup in 2009.

Lara Gut Snapchat Name – lara.gut


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Lara Gut Other Social Media Accounts

Lara Gut Facebook Username

Lara keeps a list of her major awards on her about page. Her 627,796 followers are treated to her post about race updates, her new line of T-shirts, and her brand sponsorship with Rolex.

Lara Gut Twitter Username

She has posted 4405 times on her Twitter account, which she started in June 2009. This was around the time when she won the World Cup. Her account is about half is written in English and half in some of the other languages which she speaks. Her tweets include updates from the various races as well as motivational meme pictures.

Lara Gut Instagram Username

Lara has above 376,000 fans on Instagram. She only follows 199 of them back. Many of her 660 posts are professional photos of Lara on the mountain, about to careen down. The rest are candids with herself and fellow skiers.

Lara Gut Kik Username 

It seems like Lara does not have a Kik username – not one she shares with the public, anyway.

Lara Gut Youtube Username

She only has a mere 1839 subscribers on YouTube. It’s clearly not her most popular social media platform. She started the account on September 5, 2011. Among the few videos on the channel are some chocolate commercials that she was featured in six years ago as well as a few logs from when she “returned to the snow” in September 2017 after a debilitating knee injury.

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