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Matt And Becca Hamilton Snapchat Usernames

Matt and Becca Hamilton are popular US curlers, currently participating in the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. They’re competing both in the mixed doubles, as well as the individual men’s and women’s competitions.

The Hamiltons had separate trainers in their youth but would go on the ice together every day to play/practice even more. This enabled them to become some of the most successful US curlers. They didn’t curl together until around 3 years ago when the Olympics committee announced that mixed curling will be added to the competition. Nowadays their careers are very intertwined.

The Hamiltons immediately expressed their desire to compete in the category, and finally got their chance at Pyeongchang.┬áSo far they have 2 wins and 5 losses, with a 74% shot precision (at the Olympics). Curling is the only sport that is played every day of the Olympics, so you still have several matches to watch, if you’re interested.

Next up we’re taking a look at Matt and Becca Hamilton’s Snapchat account, as well as other profiles. Without further ado, let us take a look at the official Hamilton Snapchat username.

Matt And Becca Hamilton Snapchat Usernames – Hamscurl

Matt and Becca Hamilton Snapcode


Matt and Becca Hamilton’s Snapchat username is @HamsCurl. Well, that’s actually Matt’s, but you’ll catch Becca on it often enough. She doesn’t have an individual Snapchat account yet. You can add them by clicking on the username above, or by scanning the Hamilton’s Snapcode above.

Matt And Becca Hamilton – Other Social Media Profiles

Snapchat isn’t the only app where you can find the famous curling siblings. Below is a list of their most popular social media profiles:

Matt And Becca Hamilton Facebook Account – The Hamiltons have a joint Facebook account, that isn’t too active. It has around 2000 likes, which is shameful, considering that the Hamiltons are Olympians!

Matt And Becca Hamilton Twitter Username – Matt’s Twitter username is @MatJamilton, and Becca’s is @heccabamilton (not typos). Matt has close to 7000 followers, around 2500 more than his sister. It’s the mustache, probably. Twitter is a great place to follow both of them, as they’re both very active on it.

Matt And Becca Hamilton Instagram Username – Matt’s Instagram is @hamscurl (same as the Snapchat), and Rebecca’s is @heccabamilton (same as Twitter). Once again, Matt takes the lead in followers, with around 6000 to Becca’s 3800. Both of their IG’s are very funny and interesting, so you surely won’t be regretting the follow anytime soon.

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