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Peter Prevc Snapchat Username & Snapcode

A two-time Olympic medalist, Peter Prevc is one of the most highly celebrated ski jumpers in Slovenia. A former world holder, he had won a gold medal at the 2016 Ski Jumping World Cup.

Born and raised in Slovenia, he began skiing at a young age, due to his father’s work as an international ski jumping referee. Alongside his siblings, he often spent many hours in the mountains with his skis. Ultimately, it was when he was nine years old that he started to train in ski jumping.

How Peter Prevc Became Famous

He made his World Cup debut at the age of seventeen in Lillehammer, Norway, where he finished in second place. From there, he won a silver medal at the Junior World Championships, which garnered him some degree of attention.

With that said, it wasn’t until he was named to the Slovenian team at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, that more people came to know his name. In the end, he finished in 16th place in the individual LH and in 7th place in the individual NH.

Four years later, he was once again given the opportunity to represent Slovenia at the Winter Olympic Games- this time in Sochi, Russia. More successful than he was before, Prevc managed to win two medals; a silver in the individual NH, and a bronze in the individual LH.

A year afterward, he became one of the first ski jumpers to ever achieve a “perfect jump”- that is, a jump that earned him maximum points from all five judges.

Peter Prevc’s Awards

Highly celebrated in his native Slovenia, he has won several awards over the years. For instance, in the past, he was honored with the “Slovenian Sportsman of the Year” Award for four consecutive years. In 2016, he also received an Athlete of the Month Award from the United States Sports Academy.

Peter Prevc’s Snapchat Name – pprevc


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Peter Prevc’s Other Social Media Accounts

What is Peter Prevc’s Personal Facebook?

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What is Peter Prevc’s Youtube?

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