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PlayStation Black Friday Deals – Best PS4 Discounts for 2018

Black Friday is the most popular time of the year to buy gifts for friends and family. Gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 4 are great Christmas gifts. But since demand spikes greatly in the months leading up to the holidays, finding PlayStation Black Friday Deals is almost impossible unless you get find them before everyone else.

On sites like eBay and Amazon, the PlayStation is already selling out. Despite being released nearly 5 years ago, the PlayStation 4 still retails for a hefty $400. Some slimy sellers are even taking advantage of the holiday hype by buying multiple units to resell at a higher price. Some people are paying as much as $500 for PlayStations to guarantee receiving the system before Christmas. Fortunately, if you look just a little harder, you can snag great PlayStation Black Friday discounts before they’re all snapped up!
Check out some of the best deals at Amazon Below

It is also a great time to find unbeatable deals on older PlayStation models. The PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 have all been officially discontinued. Sony has nonetheless made enough units that some stores still have some brand new units (Mostly PS3 units). You can find many of these units cheaper new, refurbished, or secondhand on other websites since the PS4 is currently the most sought after.

Where to Find 2017 Black Friday PlayStation Deals

Since the PS4 and other game consoles are some of the most popular Christmas gifts, they are quickly snapped up by buyers during sales. Thankfully, top retailers have announced PlayStation black Friday deals in advance, giving you a chance to beat the competition. Many of these PS4 Black Friday Deals will also be available online.

Black Friday may seem like a hectic time to pick up a PlayStation 4. However, many 2017 Black Friday PlayStation deals will be snapped up until the next year. PlayStation Black Friday bundles are very popular gifts for Christmas. The PS4 and other gaming consoles will undoubtedly be impossible to acquire for retail after Black Friday wraps up, so act now!

BJ’s Wholesale

  • Playstation Black Friday 2017 2At 7AM on Black Friday, BJ’s Wholesale will be selling the PlayStation 4 1TB for $189. This is the cheapest known discount for the console at the current moment. However, keep in mind that you must stay on your toes to get amazing PlayStation Black Friday deals like this one! View details for the 2017 BJ’s Black Friday Sale here.


  • CostCo will be selling the PS4 with two Dualshock Controllers and a copy of Uncharted 4. The deal has been available in stores since before Black Friday as well. Check their website before to see if this CostCo PS4 sale is in stock near you.
  • A similar bundle including the PS4 Slim, Destiny 2, and Call of Duty for $100 will also be available at CostCo during their during their member’s only internet Black Friday sale from November 23rd to 27th. These PlayStation Black Friday Deals is already being waited on by many people, so be up early! View details for the 2017 CostCo Black Friday Sale here.


  • Dell’s yearly Home and Office Black Friday sale gives you a great chance to get the a great Playstation 4 without even getting out of your pajamas. Starting at 6:59 AM, you can buy the 1TB PS4 for $200, $100 off the retail price of $300. View details for the 2017 Dell Black Friday Sale here.


  • Gamestop is rumored to be selling the PlayStation 4 500GB with Uncharted 4 and a Choice of Ratchet and Clank or The Last of US for $250. This deal is similar to CostCo’s, although you get an extra game instead of a controller. View the details for the 2017 GameStop PS4 Black Friday Deal here.


  • The 1TB PlayStation Console will be available at JCPenney for just $200, $100 off retail. This deal will likely be in store only. View details for the 2017 JCPenney Black Friday sale here.


Playstation Black Friday 2017 4

  • Kohl’s is well known for having amazing deals year round, and their Black Friday Deals are almost impossible to beat. Promo codes, Kohl’s Cash, and other discounts give you one of the best PS4 Black Friday Deals out there in 2017. One of their 2017 doorbuster sales is the PlayStation 4 1TB with $60 in Kohl’s Cash for even more Kohl’s Black Friday Deals. View details for the 2017 Kohl’s Black Friday Sale here.

Sam’s Club

  • During their member’s only Black Friday sale on November 11th, you can grab a 1TB PS4 Slim 500GB with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for $229. Although there are other PlayStation 4 Black Friday Deals for less, Sam’s Club sale gives you a chance to avoid the craziness of Black Friday. View details for the 2017 Sam’s Club Black Friday sale here.


  • Pick up a PlayStation 4 1TB Console during Shopko’s 1 Black Friday Sale. This PlayStation 4 Black Friday Sale is only available in store. View details for the 2017 Shopko Black Friday sale here.


Playstation Black Friday 2017 2

  • Target is one of the best stores to find great deals on electronics and gaming. Their yearly PlayStation Black Friday deals are hard to beat. The Target 2017 Black Friday sale will start at 6pm on Thanksgiving day. The store will close its doors at midnight and re-open at 6am again. During either time, you can pick up the PlayStation 4 1TB console for just $200. You can also buy Call of Duty for $45, $15 off the retail price of $60. View details for the 2017 Target Black Friday sale here.

There’s no better time in 2017 to prepare for Christmas and surprise friends and family with a PS4. Of course, you can certainly treat yourself the the wealth of PlayStation Black Friday deals out there as well! Other stores have yet to release their Black Friday sales. Keep checking this page for updates on 2017 Black Friday PlayStation Deals.



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