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How to refinance your car loan with multiple outcomes?

The term “Refinancing” refers to the act of paying off the existing loan by getting the new one of different terms. In practice, it can have multiple consequences for car owners. You should make sure for the favorable outcomes from refinancing.

People may have multiple reasons to refinance car. Some wishes to save money while some looks for the way to reduce monthly installments or interest rates. Some people have their personal reasons such as removing co-signers.

When it comes to refinancing a car nothing matters, rather than the understanding of refinancing terms and conditions to get the seeking outcomes.

Possible Refinancing Outcomes

Different lenders deal their clients with different terms and conditions. But it’s up to the customer who has to choose the dealers. If you are planning to refinance your car loan, you may ask your lenders for these shortlisted outcomes.

Reduce monthly payments:

In most of the time, people plan to refinance their car loan to reduce monthly interest rates and installments as it may affect their daily budget. It’s not a bad idea. You would have two ways to reduce your car loan monthly payments. The very first is you can extend the loan term and secondly, you can get less interest rate.

However, you would have to pay more in case you extend the loan term lengths. Still, if your lender allows you to pay less interest rate for a long-term loan, it would be extra beneficial for you.

Reducing Interest Rate:

Most car loan lenders provide car loan on a fixed rate. Also, some are there who offer car loan on floating interest rates. For instance, you have financed a car loan with a 12% fixed interest rate.

After a year or two of repayment, you can refinance your car loan from another lender to pay off the existing loan with a 9.5% interest rate. But you should once make sure for the prepayment penalty associated with the existing car loan. If the penalty is lower than the outcomes of refinancing you may go ahead.

Removing/Adding a Co-Signer:

Almost all car loan refinancing companies provide the facility to their borrowers to remove or add a co-signer. This is because if you fail to repay your loan, your co-signers would have the obligation to repay your loan.

Also, If you want to relieve your co-signer to repay your loan, you can easily remove him or her for the contract. With refinancing you can easily get the new car loan with the new deal.

Changing Loan Terms and Conditions:

Typically, all the car loan lenders offer cash credits to their borrowers along with lots of terms and conditions. It includes application charges, prepayment penalty, security, insurance and much more. This is also a great time to look into setting up auto repair loans.

All these terms vary for different borrowers. If you ever feel any sorts of hindrances during the loan course, you can definitely take the refinancing from another lender in the market.


Refinance car is a viable option to get flexibility and lots of benefits for you as a borrower. However, you should go for car loan refinancing while you are an absolute requirement. 18% GST is also applicable to all banking services from July 2017

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