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Ryan Lochte Snapchat Username – Updated Snapcode & Username

Ryan Lochte’s Pre-Olympic Career

Ryan Lochte was born in New York to a Cuban mother and a father of English, German, and Dutch heritage. He is the middle child and has two older sister and two younger brothers; his family eventually relocated to Florida when Ryan was only 12 years old. Ironically enough, the purpose of the move was so that Lochte’s father could teach swimming. At a young age, Ryan Lochte was taught how to swim by the both of his parents. He would be troublesome during swimming lessons that his father taught, and would engage in hijinks like pulling children into the water, blowing bubbles, and even lurking in the deep end of the pool.

When Ryan Lochte was only 14 years old, he participated in the Junior Olympics. After a loss, his attitude changed from a lackadaisical joker into a focused, swimming machine. He himself commented, “After that, I trained hard and I never lost there again.” His swimming career would see him receive a full scholarship for the University of Florida, where he graduated with the class of 2007 with a degree in sports management. As a Florida Gator, he participated in the diving and swimming team. During his tenure with the University of Florida, he received numerous awards, including the two-time NCAA Swimmer of the Year award, being the NCAA champion 7 times, the SEC champion 7 times, and 24 different All-American awards. In his senior year, he would win all three national titles in each of his event, as well as setting numerous U.S. Open and American Records in his two specialty events, the 200-yard backstroke and 200-yard individual medley.

Ryan Lochte’s Olympic Career and Beyond

Ryan Lochte participated in his first Olympics in 2004 after losing the first qualification spot to none other than Michael Phelps. However, Ryan Lochte would go on to represent the USA in two events, the 4×200 freestyle relay (where a swimmer swims the length of the 200 yard pool 4 times) and the 200 meter individual medley. He would place first in the 4×200 men’s freestyle relay, receiving a gold medal for his time of 7 minutes, 7 seconds and 33 milliseconds. He also won silver in the men’s 200 meter individual medley with a time of 1 minute, 58 seconds and 78 milliseconds. After his first appearance at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, he would make many more Olympics appearances, as well as receiving invitation to world class swim meets.

Ryan Lochte would go on to participate in the 2006 FINA Short Course World Championships, which is a swim meet with all the events consisting of a length less than 200 yards. Here, he would win numerous events and even set world records. His legacy wouldn’t end there, as only two years later would be the 2008 Summer Olympics hosted in Beijing. In 2008, swimming became a much more widely appreciated sport thanks to the emergence of Michael Phelps and a few other swimmers, Ryan Lochte also chief among them.

In the 2008 Summer Olympics, Americans would absolutely dominate the Men’s swimming portion. Ryan Lochte himself won two golds, one in the 200 yard backstroke with a world record time of 1 minute, 53 seconds and 94 milliseconds, and another in the 4×200 yard freestyle relay, also with a world record time of 6 minutes, 58 seconds and 56 milliseconds. He would also receive two bronze medals for the 200 yard individual medley and 400 individual medley, where he would compete with Michael Phelps and Laszlo Cseh; in both events, Phelps placed first, Cseh placed second, and Ryan Lochte placed third.

In the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, Ryan Lochte would win two more gold medals. Those two medals came in the 400 yard individual medley, with a time of 4 minutes, 5 seconds and 18 milliseconds, and in the 4×200 freestyle relay with a time of 6 minutes, 59 seconds and 70 milliseconds. He also placed second in two other events, the 200 yard individual medley and the 4×100 yard freestyle relay, as well as the 200 yard backstroke.

In the 2016 Rio Olympic Summer Games, Lochte failed to qualify for numerous events and only placed in the 4×200 yard freestyle relay, which he won with a time of 7 minutes and 66 milliseconds. Lochte’s appearance at the Rio Olympic was also plagued with infamy thanks to “Lochtegate,” where Ryan Lochte alleged that he was approached by armed men and kidnapped, as well as having his wallet and passports stolen from him. He would later admit to fabricating this story, and the reality is that he was accused of vandalizing a bathroom at a gas station. Ryan Lochte would subsequently be suspended from swimming for 10 months, which at the time of this writing, has been served. He returned to swimming on August 5, 2017.

Ryan Lochte’s Snapchat Username – Ryanlochte

Ryan Lochte does have an active Snapchat account with the username Ryanlochte. Here, he can be found posting videos and pictures of his training sessions, as well as the numerous meets he swims out to. There are long stretches of time where he does not upload anything, but he continues to consistently upload and interact with his fans.

Ryan Lochte’s Other Social Media Accounts

Ryan Lochte is very active on other social media websites – it was actually a point of controversy, as he would continue to participate on social media during the aforementioned “Lochtegate.”

Twitter: Ryan Lochte’s Twitter account can be found at – he currently has 1.2 million followers and is very active in posting pictures.

Instagram: Ryan Lochte’s Instagram can be found at – here he has 941,000 followers, and mostly posts pictures of his family and personal life.

Facebook: Ryan Lochte’s Facebook can be found at and it is mostly a mix of his personal business and branding business.

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